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We Have To Save Our Own Lives

First, I want to wholeheartedly offer my deepest regrets to all families of African-American/Black victims murdered by police officers who, by accepting their badges and their guns, made an oath to uphold the law. Police officers also pledged to “protect and serve,” not to kill without any concern for Black mortality.

On Monday, May 25, 2020, individuals the world over witnessed the wicked, heartless, and treacherous murder of Mr. George Floyd while in Police Custody. Mr. Floyd’s murder has ignited a global outcry for police accountability, and Justice for Black and Brown Lives. I join Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, in saying, may he rest in power. Fired Police Officer Derek Chauvin lost his humanity kneeling on the neck of George Floyd; now, its’ time for him to lose his freedom. George Floyd’s death is changing world day by day and march by march.

It appears that many U.S. Police departments and police officers are still operating based on the concepts of the “The Casual Killing Act of 1669 which declared it legal to kill a slave while correcting because malice could not be presumed. The “casual killing of slaves” says that if a slave dies while resisting his master, the act will not be presumed to have occurred with “prepended malice.”

Systemic racism governs every aspect of Black Lives; however, we will not allow police killing of unarmed African-American/Black people to become normalized. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Somebody Told a Lie One Day (” That lie that Dr. King spoke of has lead to institutionalized racism and dehumanization of Black people. Black people worldwide must continue to acknowledge, “Full Throatily,” that we are now, and we will forever be “Unapologetically Black.”

Black people are perpetually encountering troublesome levels of racist microaggression as we move in and out of the public square. This racist microaggression, experienced by Black people, generally starts as we leave home and ends when we return home with our lives intact.

Moreover, Black people are dealing with two international pandemics. Both pandemics, systemic institutionalized racism, and the Coronavirus COVID-19 have one common thread running through many deadly incidents, that is, the victims are disproportionately Black.

Fact, racism is a public health issue. As a result of this, I am requesting Black leaders throughout the nation to join me in demanding that the federal government (CDC) provide the Black and Brown communities with a “Nation Count” documenting Coronavirus COVID-19 infections and deaths data based on location, age, and race. We must address the racial disparity in coronavirus cases.

Data demonstrates that racism predetermines the type of medical care people of color people receive. Additionally, Police and so-called vigilantes’ verbal, behavioral, and environmental indignities towards Black people, lead to worse health outcomes for people of color.

In closing, lets’ talk about the historic Global Eugenics Associations (GEA) in the United States and Europe. GEA policy goals are designed to control the birth rate and to generate death in nations states and developing countries populated by individuals they consider undesirables. GEA accomplished their goal through depopulation strategies such as designer wars and the spread of infectious diseases. (search Project Coast: eugenics in apartheid South Africa.“

Based on this knowledge, one would have wonder if Coronavirus COVID-19 a Global Eugenics Association strategy?

Cases of concern; In Wisconsin, a state that is only 6% Black, Black people account for half of the COVID-19 deaths. In Chicago, Black people account for 70% of the deaths due to COVID-19 but makeup only 30% of the population. In Richmond, Virginia, all but one of the people who died of COVID-19 were Black. Black and Brown people and other people of color have to save our own lives.