The Schumer Vote – Science or Self-Interest

Science or Self-Interest

I read that NY Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer “is getting an earful from opponents of the Iran nuclear deal”. The article further stated that Senator Schumer has received thousands of phone calls in the past two weeks from organized groups pressuring him to oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal. Groups are spending millions of dollars on TV Ads in his home state of New York, to get “Schumer and other lawmakers to vote against the plan”. More importantly, the powerful “American Israel Public Affairs Committee has put its muscle behind an effort to lobby Schumer to vote against it”.

This should is a very disturbing sign for all U.S. voters and must serve as a wake-up call. Fact, some of the world’s best nuclear scientists from the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China have agreed to the historical Iran Nuclear Deal. However, several U.S. Congress members, from both major political parties, continue to take their orders from U.S. lobbyist groups and foreign governments.

The Iranian Nuclear DEAL is good for America specifically, and the world communities generally. The American people must question the JUDGEMENT of all Congressional leaders who bow-down to lobbyist groups and foreign interest and to against the America’s interest! We the people must send a message to Schumer informing his that we will never support his consideration to be next Democratic leader if he votes against the globally approved Iranian Nuclear Deal!

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