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People Worldwide are running for cover seeking to miss the madmen’s mess. Although the madmen/women maintain the majority ownership of material wealth across the entire world, they can’t enjoy their near unanimous control over people, places, and things because they don’t know how to love themselves; therefore, they have no compassion for nor love any other.

Their thirst for blood and their distribution of unearned pain is part of their breeding. Because they think acts of kindness are a form of weakness, they also think that exploitation must rule the day. With this kind of mentality, there can never be peace in their world.

They don’t understand that simplicity is not the answer when it comes to complex issues of local, national, and global dysfunctionalities. Consequently, People of Peace must not allow childlike inexperienced simple minded politicians and other so-called leaders to sow hostilities, fear, and paranoia among the global populist to solidify support for their narrow-minded bigotry. Continue reading PEACE WILL BE POSSIBLE WHEN JUSTICE IS UNIVERSAL

I Trust Hillary Rodham Clinton

I listened to President Barack Obama speech today, July 1, 2016, in which he gave a “full thought” endorsement of Hilary Rodon Clinton to become the next President of the United States. After listening to OUR President, I thought about an article that I wrote on November 11, 2015 and decided to re-post. Although our words are somewhat different, our core message is the same. This demonstrates that both the President and I are first and foremost, looking out for the best interest of the United States and ALL its’ people.

This is a re-post from one posted November 11, 2015. I

I Trust Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the next president of the United States of America, and this is why. Hilary is a practicing lawyer and she was a law professor. Hilary served five terms as First Lady of Arkansas; she served two terms as First Lady of the United States of America; served as a United States Senator from New York from January 3, 2001 to January 21, 2009; she served as U.S. Secretary of State, and she is a long-term human rights activist and human services volunteer.

There is absolutely no comparison between Hilary Clinton’s body of political, legal, and humanitarian work and that of any of her opponents on either side of the aisle; therefore, she will be elected as Madam President in 2016.

I see Hillary Rodham Clinton as a person of high principles and I know that she loves and respect this nation and its laws. She has had to negotiate major foreign policies issues with world leaders and has put in millions of miles traveling the globe representing the interest of United States. Continue reading I Trust Hillary Rodham Clinton

Circumstance of Skin Color


The less than favorable conditions of far too many of my brothers and sisters coupled with the pain they are experiencing daily in America is opposite of the tenants in “The Black Code“, written by Angela Davis. The fact is, when brothers and sisters have to compete against both privilege and man plus the heavy-hand of law ENFORCEMENT, our chances of success are minimized. Yes, Circumstance of Skin Color can put us in a colorize world which causes our chances to be minimized, We know this to be true; however, only we can deny ourselves a chance to try to do and be better than. Better is any step, big or small, that get you closer to our deserved level of humanity. It is a requirement that Melaninated people all over the world continue to take back to our own historical and self-defined reality…©Mansour Id-Deen