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I am On The Side Of Humanity, Are You

I support global peace and personal security for all of humanity; consequently, I will support any one who supports humanity with their Words and their Deeds. It is an accepted fact that every country and all people in the world have a right to defend themselves. However, there is a central question that must be asked and must be answered. Specifically, when does a nation’s or an individual’s action cross over from proportionate legitimate defense to genocidal disproportionality?

My concept “Side Of Humanity”, is bounded by twin factors of morality and justice for all. Every person on this planet must be protected by international humanitarian laws and have their right to life respected. No nation or individuals can be exempted or be given a license to kill with impunity.

When it comes to protecting human rights, I will never allow IDEOLOGY nor IDIOTOLOGY undermine facts! I am a global Defender of Human Rights, and I will accept all people, regardless to race, creed, or religious background, or the color of their skin. Specifically, those who are willing to adhere to the principles of the Humanist. I believe in a progressive philosophy of life that affirms our ability and responsibility to ethics and equity.

I will not tolerate practices or methods of atrocities that include any of the following: Enslavement; Genocide; Murder; Massacres; Dehumanization; Human Experimentation; Extrajudicial Punishments/Killing; Collective Punishment; Military use of Children; Child Molestation; Human Trafficking; Kidnappings; Unjust imprisonment; Cannibalism; Torture; Rape; Racial, Political, or Religious Persecution; and any other Inhumane Acts.

As Global Citizens, We The People cannot allow HUMANITY and MORALITY to become discredited and delegitimized!