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Illegal Under International Law Is Illegal

All PEACE loving Americans must demand that the IRS comprehensively investigate the money trails of any U.S. tax-exempt charitable organizations that send funds to illegal foreign groups.

It is the understanding of some U.S. non-profit organizations that they are not required to specify the destination of tax-exempt funds sent out of the country.

It is very dangerous for our government to allowed U.S. tax-exempt organizations to transfer money to non-U.S. organizations that won’t say where the money comes from or where it ends up. If these kinds of actions are legal; they shouldn’t be, and the laws in this regard must be changed to protect the safety of U.S. citizens abroad as well as the overarching interest of our nation.

Moreover, our Democratic government must never allow U.S. tax-exempt organizations to support any individual, group or nation that occupy territories that are illegal under international law.

I am sure that all fair-minded American would object to U.S. tax-exempt monies being used to support borderline terrorist whether they are individuals, or groups  – This Is Never OK.

My Question is; Who Paid for This Vicious Incomprehensible Wick Act?

Report: “Nigeria Army Kills 300 in Crackdown on Shi’ites
Military Accuses Shi’ites of Plotting to Assassinate General” –  by Jason Ditz, December 14, 2015
It Would Have To Take a Severely Strong Dose of Premeditated Misinformation Coupled With a Void of Pity or Compassion to Cause Some Brothers/Sisters to Brutally Murder Other Brothers/Sisters With Such a High Level of Heartless Thinking and Empty Spirit…
These are Question that Must be Asked and Answered; Who Paid for this Genocide and Why? Where did these Killers get their Weapons? Where THEY Attempting to Embarrass and Belittle the New and Very Pro-People, Pro-Growth, Different Kind of President, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari? It Will not Be Business as Usual with This President; therefore, Morality will Win in The End! ©MID 12-14-2015