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We Must Say No To All Forms Of Criminal Incitement

I read an interesting article that stated that “Some 20,000 Israelis have sued Internet giant Facebook in New York alleging the social media platform is disregarding incitement and calls to murder Jews being posted by Palestinians.”

I agree with the Israelis’ basic position on this matter; however, charges of incitement cannot be selectively driven. It appears that some laws regarding incitement are too weak and seemly are not enforced equally in ways required to protect the rights of all individuals or groups.

When I read this article, I immediately thought of the horrendous and inhumane levels of incitement that have been leveled against President Obama and the First Family. Some so-called right-wing groups and even some mainstream Republicans, Presidential Candidates included, have uttered insults and malicious speech that rise to the level of incitement. The term for this action by politicians is called Dog Whistle Politics; which is a type of political speech that uses inflammatory Racialized Coded Language to attack mainly people of color. Continue reading We Must Say No To All Forms Of Criminal Incitement

100% Equity Across The Board And Across The Globe

Black People Will Accept No Less Than 100% Equity Across the Board, Across This Nation And Across The Globe…

“In a speech on Friday October 23-15 at the University of Chicago, FBI Director James Comey made headlines by advancing the “Ferguson effect” as a real and self-evident phenomenon, claiming that increased public scrutiny of police abuse was leading to a “surge” in violent crime”.

Director Comey further stated that “police are just laying back and not fighting crime so hard, especially in black neighborhoods, because they don’t want to be the next to come under scrutiny for abuse”. Continue reading 100% Equity Across The Board And Across The Globe

Haiti’s Earthquake and The Aristide Plan

What Have Haiti’s Earthquake Unmasked?

Haiti’s Voters, on Sunday, October 25, 2015, will go to the polls to choose among the 54 candidates seeking to become their next president. The mainstream media like to depict Haiti as the hemisphere’s poorest nation; however, geophysicists believe that Haiti is sitting on one of the world’s richest unexplored zones for hydrocarbons-oil and gas outside the Middle East, possibly orders of magnitude greater than that of nearby Venezuela.

In in 2004 former President Aristide developed and published in book form describing his national development plans. Aristide’s plan was to implement a public-private partnership to ensure that the development of Haiti’s oil, gold and other valuable resources would benefit the national economy and the broader population.

Moving forward, if individuals seeking to be the next President of Haiti don’t embrace the Aristide’s plan, they will have no moral rights or legitimacy to govern the Haitian people.

The Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake that killed more than 150,000 of Haiti’s beloved people unmasked some sinister secrets that most in the West have known for years. The earthquake revealed that Haiti has oil reserves the size of Venezuela’s or larger. Moreover, Haiti also has gigantic resources of Gold & Minerals like Iridium. For many years, the world community has labeled Haiti the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere at the time suppressing the news of its wealth. Continue reading Haiti’s Earthquake and The Aristide Plan

South Sudan – Mineral Rich Nation Sinfully Poor People

How can any nation be rich in natural resources, but its’ people are poor? All nations that fit this immoral description must answer this question.

I encourage South Sudan President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar to agree to bring PEACE to all disputed regions in their country; not for themselves, but on the behalf of their people. Both leaders must not continue to let egotism, self-importance, arrogance and their senseless pride get in the way of the salvation for their people. Collaboration between President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar is necessary to secure the peace and prosperity for all South Sudanese people. The people of the South Sudan have suffered far too much.

It has become a total embarrassment for the world to continue to witness how the two South Sudan leaders have demonstrated an obscene love of themselves and their personal interest rather than working to develop a progressive civil, social, and economic reality for the country. Their regressive actions have denied their citizens a basic degree of freedom, liberty, integrity, self-respect, humanity, and a higher quality of life. If the above statement is incorrect, someone, please shed light on my position. Continue reading South Sudan – Mineral Rich Nation Sinfully Poor People

Africa’s Orchestrated Chaos

African Leaders must collaborate to bring the African Continent out of this man-made and media inspired Orchestrated Chaos. Every African leader, regardless of Rank, must pledge to nationalize all natural of their resources. They must also pledge to use their countries’ natural resources to improve the quality of life for its entire people. Case in Point: “Sierra Leone is 203 out of 206 on the world’s poorest countries list; it’s also one of the 10 top diamond exporting countries in the world”. The situation noted above is preposterous on all levels.

In every conflict zone in Africa, Leaders must pledge to call a truce(s). The truce will enable them to begin immediately to save lives, improve their infrastructures; hence, improve the security, well-being, and quality of life for their people. Monies saved from the truce will enable African countries to reduce their foreign debt and bring their citizens out of poverty. I am sure that no African leaders would intentionally keep their citizens ImpoverishSuffering and in Pain. It has to be other reasons why so many of our African Brothers and Sisters living in resource-rich countries are existing on less that two dollars a day!

Those that are orchestrating chaos in Africa, both foreign and domestic, have proven to be incapable of feeling compassion for the suffering of African people. Foreign Arms merchants have created a system of Geopolitical upheaval, mayhem, and pandemonium that benefits a few local leaders while murdering and ripping millions of innocent African men, women, and children from their families, cultures, lands. Continue reading Africa’s Orchestrated Chaos


My Dear African Family 

We Must Forever Reject The Influences Of And The Calling

Of The Death Merchants. This Must Become Our

Common Will And It Will Be Done. 

We Must Stop The Persistent Flow Of The Killing Machines

Being Brought Into Our Communities And Our Worlds

By Out-Side Forces. 

 These, Killing Machines, Are Being Used To Take The Lives Of Our Young Men And Women,

Hence, Killing Our Communities, Our Countries, Our Nations and Our People! 

We Must Learn To Properly Utilize The Natural Resources

God Has Blessed Us With! 

We Must Rise Above The Foreign Planted

Petty Jealous, Envious and Self-Disaffection

That Keep Us From Rising Above Mediocrity. 

We Must Return To The Times When We Loved Our Brothers

Because, In Reality, We Must Be Our Brother/Sisters’ Supporter And

Really Want For Our Brothers/Sisters What We Want For Ourselves. 

God Grivet And God Takes Away, So Say The Scriptures.

God Has Tested And At The Same Time Been Very Tolerant And Patient With His African

Tribes Spread Out All Over The Globe. 

Now It Is Time That We Begin To Truly Do God’s Work

By Doing The Things, Being The People And

Living The Lives That God Has Long Wanted For Us To Achieve. 

Again, We Must Raise Our Level of CIVILITY Toward –

Our-Kind And We Will Receive

The Fruits That Are Truly God’s Will!

The Mystery Has Been Solved, We Are The Chosen Ones

Integration, America’s Greatest Misnomer

I was born and raised in a small segregated Texas town that had white only signs on the primary institution of justice, the County Court House. During my youth, in this apartheid state and city, every segment of society was segregated. Contrary to popular belief, as far as African-American/Black people are concerned, America has never achieved REAL integration.

The concept of integration is a perception and deception of reality that Americans have lived with since the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling. I don’t believe that the dominant population ever intended to establish an integrated society. The following are standard dictionary definitions of integration: Continue reading Integration, America’s Greatest Misnomer

The World Need To Know Dr. Umar Johnson

Dr. Umar Johnson is a Black Psychologist and National Certified School Psychologist based in Philadelphia Pa. Dr. Johnson is a Blood relative of the great Fredrick Douglas.

This brave and well-respected Brother, Dr. Umar Johnson, is the 21st century Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He has a message and a solution for the success of African-America/Black Children. Although I respect positive works of all Black people; Dr. Johnson is exceptional. He is not Ball players or an Entertainer; however, he is a VOICE for our Black Family World-Wide. Continue reading The World Need To Know Dr. Umar Johnson

Dog Whistle Politics

Recently, an arrogant, classless, billionaire mogul name Rupert Murdoch questioned whether President Obama “Is Black ENOUGH”.  Murdoch also stated that “Ben Carson would be a ‘real black president”. Mr. Ben Carson, like President Obama, is certainly a black man; however, in my opinion, Carson is Black in Skin Color Only.

Murdock, the owner of Fox News Channel, the Fox broadcast network to the FX cable channel, 21st Century Fox, the FX cable channel and other media brands is either a closet racist or just ignorant.

My question to Rupert Murdoch is; does he have the moral capacity to respect the dignity of all Black people? Does he think America, which has been greatly beneficial to him, is moral ENOUGH to look itself in the face and apologize for its Horrific and Abominable racist past toward Black People?

Yes, Mr. Murdoch, Black People from around the world love President Barack H. Obama. Yes, he is Black Enough; however, Black People have had ENOUGH of this kind of back-door racism and this level of  Foolish Dog Whistle Politics.

No Less Than 100% Equity

Black People Globally, Will Accept No Less Than 100% Equity period. Therefore, I Enthusiastically Agree with the Narrative/Theme put forth on Saturday, October 10, 2015, at the 20th anniversary of the “Million Man March,” We Demand “Justice or Else.”

Through racist legislation; Black people in America have endured, at the hand of white Americans, the most Torturous Treatment known to mankind. Black people withstood three hundred seventy-three years of enslavement in America; one hundred and five years of the separate but equal doctrine; and ninety-eight years of Jim Crow. Regarding the Separate but Equal doctrine; historical records will demonstrate that the black and white people were separate, but never equal.

Black Americans have had Enough and will not continue to accept the perpetual racial marginalization of our People. Until Black people have both the confidence in system-wide fairness, and achieve affirmative access to legal, economic, employment, housing, and educational services; America as a nation will not be made whole. Continue reading No Less Than 100% Equity