100% Equity Across The Board And Across The Globe

Black People Will Accept No Less Than 100% Equity Across the Board, Across This Nation And Across The Globe…

“In a speech on Friday October 23-15 at the University of Chicago, FBI Director James Comey made headlines by advancing the “Ferguson effect” as a real and self-evident phenomenon, claiming that increased public scrutiny of police abuse was leading to a “surge” in violent crime”.

Director Comey further stated that “police are just laying back and not fighting crime so hard, especially in black neighborhoods, because they don’t want to be the next to come under scrutiny for abuse”.

Question: Is FBI Director Comey really saying that police can’t fight crime hard, especially in black neighborhoods because they can’t avoid abusing  Black People and the Black community?  I am very sad for this FBI Director, he seem to be a bit misguided and ill-informed while using game changing bad judgment. The African-American/Black community only want and will only accept being 100% equity across the board, across, across this nation and across the globe.

Civility demand all of us to challenge all racist and incendiary comments uttered against any individual or group at any time. All civilize people must, at all times, be outspoken activists against cruelty and injustice.

We must work to create an engaged and socially responsible police force and citizenry that value life and respect humanity. We must acknowledge that it is irrational to continue to fuel the spectacle of violence against the most vulnerable people in society.

Any society that claim to have a high level of Civility must expose its’ moral depravity when and where they find it. If the society fails to provide security and justice for all people, especially its most vulnerable, it has humanitarian work to do.
In the 21st Century, we must all raise our Level of Civility.