Monthly Archives: October 2021

Cracks in the U.S. Foundation

There are significant cracks in the foundation of the U.S. Republican Party, and repairing the fracture will be no easy undertaking. It seems that the Republican Party’s right hand doesn’t know what its left-hand wants to achieve. The U.S. Republican Party has demonstrated a state of dysfunctional behavior that has not emerged in recent history.

Case in point; a majority of GOP in congresspersons voted to send the U.S. economy off the “Fiscal Clift” because Mitch McConnell and friends refused to help raise the federal debt limit. Consequently, the GOP’s stance intensifies a political standoff and risks volatility in the financial markets, creating cracks in the broader economy.

Moreover, the intensity of the do-nothing Republican Party could cause a crisis that will trigger a government shutdown. The GOP’s actions will wreak havoc, not only on the U.S. economy but on the global economy as well. There is a significant leadership vacuum in the Republican Party. It appears that several members of the Republican Party are more concerned about their vulnerability related to future primary challenges in 2022 from the far-right within their party than they are about the tremendous hardships that the financial security than Americans people.

Furthermore, to my astonishment, there are members of the Republican Party that believe that government has no place in solving the problems of the American people. However, these same Republicans fought very hard to get elected to governmental offices. The question is, why are they there? As an alternative to working for the sole purpose of serving the American people, conceivably, they are planning on getting PAID BY attending to the interest of the “Big Money Donors (BMDs)” and “Major Lobbying Groups (MLGs).”

The Republican Party has shown a propensity to be at war with women, the elderly, immigrants, minorities, job creation, infrastructure, gay rights, the environment, green technology, and even science. The people elected GOP congresspersons to solve the multitude of problems facing our nation, yet; we now see that numerous members of the Republican Party are even at war with themselves, putting them at war with the needs of the American people.

Battling President Biden over raising the debt limit is a threat to the U.S. national security. This kind of stupidity will cause a halt to our emerging economic recovery and severely damage the U.S. credit rating.

The American people must stand with President Biden and demand that congressional Republicans earn their generous salaries by working in good faith with the president to pass sensible legislation and solve the fiscal and social crisis facing this nation.

More importantly, the people must pressure the Republicans’ corporate paymasters to force them to cease any actions that will remotely harm the U.S and global economies.