“The Talk”

During his 2023 State of the Union Address, President Joe Biden mentioned “The Talk.” Most white parents never see the need to have “The Talk” with their children. As president Biden stated, “I’ve never had to have the talk with my children – Beau, Hunter, and Ashley – that so many Black and Brown families have had with their children.”

Moreover, President Biden also said, “imagine what it’s like to lose a child at the hands of the law. “Imagine having to worry whether your son or daughter will come home from walking down the street or playing in the park or just driving their car.”

Unfortunately, police officers frequently perceive Black boys and girls as older, scarier, and more prone to criminality than people of other races. Consequently, a typical police stop, far too often, turns into a violent, terrifying, and traumatizing encounter. The police encounter usually ends with a Black parent’s son or daughter’s death.

There is a different kind of “The Talk” required by all parents of all races and ethnicities in today’s world of mass shootings/mass murder of America’s men, women, and children. The Gun Violence Archive documented as many as 80 mass shootings in the United States since January 1, 2023. Seven of the 80 mass shootings involved four or more fatalities.

Mass shootings are public incidents with four or more deaths where victims are chosen indiscriminately by the shooter. Mass shootings are a uniquely American problem, particularly related to other developed countries; however, it doesn’t have to be! In America, many people love their guns more than they love their children. We could do better, and we can be better than this. Through the enactment of reasonable Gun Laws, ending mass killings is a genuine possibility. Join the fight, and let’s get this Gun control issue right. The Talk

We Must Charge Police Officers Who Commit Hate Crimes

The FBI defines hate crimes as “criminal offense[s] against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.”

The Department of Justice must charge any Police officer (s) who commits heinous, racially motivated crime(s) against any citizen. Police Officers who use Racial epithets while committing a Hate Crime must be held accountable!

Who Is In The Chair Matters

The persons elected by the voting public determine, for the most part, the quality of life for voters throughout the nation and the world. Your vote, in many cases, determines who eats or not, who obtains quality education, gets health care, gets clean water and quality food, who will control female reproductive rights, and who lives or not. There were so many close elections where some candidates won or lost by the smallest of margins. The phrase, every vote counts is a reality.

Additionally, the persons in the chair will determine our quality of life, what air we breathe, how our lives are governed, and by whom. During the 2022 mid-term elections, American democracy was among the top concerns demonstrated by voters. Issues related to strengthening the economy, quality jobs, and reducing crime were also significant to voters.

America, the wealthiest country on earth, has a medical coverage gap due to Republican control Legislators sitting in the chair is 12 states. Under the Affordable Care Act, these 12 states have the “option to expand Medicaid eligibility to nonelderly people with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level.” Millions of the uninsured poor are unnecessarily suffering in these 12 States that refuse to expand Medicaid.

The NAMES of these Republican state governments that deny Medicaid eligibility medical coverage to the poor in their states include Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Voters nationwide must call these hard-hearted Republican elected officials out for their cruelty. Until they change their policies, Medicaid expansion will remain an essential issue for the poor at both state and federal levels.

Our electoral system certainly has flaws; however, the system has a better chance of succeeding when using the Fannie Lou Hammer approach to voting. Ms. Hammer, the Mother of the Civil Right Struggle, would be proud of the youth voting participation in the recent elections. We must realize that people Melaninated people died for the VOTE.

A large percentage of young people don’t believe that their votes count. However, recent events have demonstrated to them the power of the ballot. Young people now know voting has real life, and death impacts their lives. The seven points below are a short list of why “Who Is In The Chair Matters.”

  1. Case in point, 44 House Republicans vote against Services For Pregnant and Postpartum Veterans.
  2. Republican control Legislators in 12 states voted against the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which would have expanded poor Medicaid-eligible nonelderly people.
  3. Every single GOP senator voted against the Inflation Reduction Act.
  4. Republican senators blocked a cap on out-of-pocket insulin costs for Americans with private insurance, making clear they will choose Big Pharma over the American people.
  5. Congressional Republicans voted against the most significant climate legislation in U.S. history. Their votes speak volumes; they don’t care about our children’s future.
  6. House Republicans voted against a bill to require vetting for programs exploited by China.
  7. The Republican majority in the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. They gutted the federal abortion rights protections previously upheld by the nearly 50-year-old landmark ruling.

If we are to save this democracy and provide the services necessary to improve the lives of all people, we must become “Emotional Intelligent Voters.” We must not allow polling data and other mechanisms to dissuade us from voting in every election. We must also incorporate the strategy of “Full-Ballot Voting.” If you ever think it is too cumbersome to take time out to vote, think about what the honorable Fannie Lou Hammer would have done! In the 1960s, Ms. Hammer fought the Ku Klux Klan and anyone else “Who Is In The Chair” on her way to vote, and so must YOU!

The Combination Effect

A Studio Opportunity

MSNBC terminated “The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross” days before the Mid-Term elections. Rating is the topmost cause of canceling television shows; however, Ms. Cross’ rating was not a factor in MSNBC’s decision to pull the plug on her show – The Cross Connection.

When one door close, another one opens. Ms. Tiffany Cross’ advertising value across vital demographic groups remains substantial. Hence, there might be a fit for Ms. Cross at the Tyler Perry Studios! Mr. Tyler Perry, Synergism is at play here, and Ms. Tiffany Cross’ audience is waiting. Survey Your Public

Its’ Time To Build Produce Something Greater!

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

To: Attorney Benjamin Crump And Others That Fight For Justice

Dr. King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

What does North Carolina’s U.S. Marine Core Base Camp Lejeune, the City of Jackson Mississippi and the City of Flint, Michigan, have in common? The answer is that Americans in each area were exposed to contaminated water also. Parents, children, families, patients in the hospital, and workers in their place of employment were, daily, exposed to toxic water contamination.

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act enables Veterans, family members, and workers harmed by Camp Lejeune water contamination to seek damages by filing claims. Citizens and workers in the City of Jackson, Mississippi, and the City of Flint, Michigan, were victimized by their respective states. They were exposed to contaminated water and must be able to file claims for damages to their health. Justice belongs to all human beings. We all have a responsibility to take a stand when we witness injustice. Please join me in demanding justice for Jackson, Mississippi, and the City of Flint, Michigan. What Says You: Please Comment on this statement.

Let’s Not Have Another Clown Show, Jim

Jim Jordan and the incoming Republican congressional majority are “planning a wide-ranging investigation into the law enforcement response to a spate of school board tantrums pitched by conservative parents.” I say to these Republicans, pro-gun, pro-violence, and mob mentality childlike groups; please investigate. Let’s investigate! Domestic terrorism has no place in a civilized society.

We live in the 21st century, and truth, science, and reasonableness matter. Therefore, I am with you, Jim; we all want the truth to come out regarding the “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff” related to pandemic safety measures, anti-racism lessons and other topics.”

I am confident that Attorney General Merrick Garland will have no problem conversing with House Republicans regarding the issues mentioned above. At the end of the day, let’s work to bring back “Political Correctness” and Civility to the American discourse.

Members of School Boards, Poll Workers, Teachers, Voters, and everyday Americans have a right to perform their tasks without threats or intimidation from random groups expounding domestic terrorism threats and the inflection of hate crimes.

While you, Republicans Legislators, are requesting White House officials to appear before your panel, please invite victims that conservative parents terrorized at school board meetings to testify as well. An exceptional amount of video evidence is available to support the Department of Justice’s federal criminal and counterterrorism request. Let’s make it happen, Congressman Jim Jordan!

Where Do We Go From Here!

I read an article today stating, “A lot of Republicans held their noses and voted for Herschel Walker.” I say to those Georgia voters who endured voting for Herschel; you have another chance to do the right thing. If you sincerely want to make America greater, vote for Senator Raphael Warnock on December 6, 2022, runoff.

As we move toward the Georgia run-off in December, the anti-Democracy National Republicans and their surrogates will visit Georgia to support Walkers. GOP supporters will include Mr. “Don’t Say Gay” and Anti-WOKE Ron DeSantis, one of the most hated Senators in the U. S. Senate from Texas, Mr. Ted Cruz, Mr. Lindsey (I take the fifth) Graham and other GOPers who are angry and confused. You would think they learned there is no place for deceitfulness and hatred in American Body politics; however, here they come again.

During the Mid-term elections, Republicans openly discussed/planned to de-fund social security and medical and raise the retirement age; the Republican majority in the Supreme Court ripped away Roe v. Wade (1973), which guaranteed a constitutional right to abortion; and, at this very moment, Republicans are fighting to de-fund President Biden’s Federal Student Loan Debt Relief program.

During the 2022 Mid-Tern, most Republicans believed that Voting Seniors weren’t listening, that Women Voters weren’t listening, that minority voters weren’t listening, and that Youth voters weren’t listening. Emotional Intelligent Voters must rise up again, retain the Democratically controlled U. S. Senate, and vote for Senator Raphael Warnock on December 3, 2022. Working for the sustainability of the U.S. Democracy is all patriots’ responsibility. Your grandparents, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and sons will thank you for voting with your mind and not your emotions.

The Great Replacement Theory Turned Inside Out

There is a propagation of the so-called “Great Replacement” theory because a high percentage of white men with resources, fear that women are replacing them in the workplace. Since the beginning of the “Information Age,” which has transited into the age of Machine learning (MI) “and now into Artificial Intelligence (AI),” men coming out of Coal Mines, Factories and other Blue-Collar workers’ skill sets that are not compatible with the 21st Centry workplace.

It is an undisputable fact, but not fully appreciated, that Women are excelling, on all levels, at a much higher rate than men. Specifically, the gig economy uses digital platforms to connect freelancers with customers to provide short-term services or asset-sharing. A person cannot work at Amazon or work in the GIG economy without a sufficient level of knowledge of Machine learning (MI) “and now Artificial Intelligence (AI). Are you ready?

The Black and Dark men and immigrants are used as distractions in the overall attack on Women’s progress. Men with power seek to discard their targets against women, sometimes in violent ways, but their marks are certain. They use a variable process where the outcome sometimes involves randomness actions and some uncertainty. Case in point; “Where is Nancy?”

Formerly, the time of “Women Suffering” was considered the Greatest Injustice to women in Human History. Then came the Supreme Court, on June 24, 2022, struck down the half-century-old decision of Roe v. Wade, taking away the right of birthing people to privacy and access to an abortion. We now know that the Row v. Wade decision, which has caused Millions of American women to lose fundamental constitutional protection, is one of the MOST VIOLENT attacks on Women, bar none.

Let’s be clear; the phased being for abortion is a misnomer, a misleading term. No woman or girl gets pregnant to get an abortion. Additionally, most of us know someone, a family member, or a friend who had to obtain an abortion out of necessity. Remember, women had the right over their body autonomy for half a century until now!

I am not writing this article in no way to pit women against men; I am witting it to set the record straight regarding the “Great Replacement.” For the most part, Black men know where we stand in the United States of America. The way we are perceived in this country, coupled with the collective punishment of living while Black, we are not a threat to any woman seeking to break the “Glass Ceiling.”

Black Men have to struggle daily with issues such as over-policing, mass incarceration, a discorporate high rate of unemployment, and a discorporate low number of college grades (etc.). However, we are resilient lovers of PEACE and will keep it moving.

Women of America, before you put your Ballots in a drop box or participate in in-person voting on November 8, 2022, please know who and what will earn your vote. Moving forward, your daughter’s, your son’s, and even your lives might depend on your VOTE.

More importantly, as fa as voting is concern, there is far too much silliness going on in the America society today. Every legal vote must be counted. I don’t have to tell you how consequential the Mid-tern or any term vote is; however, when you vote, Vote the Full-Ballot and, by all means, be an “Emotionally Intelligent Voter.

Women, Vote On November 8, 2022, Like Your Lives Depend On It

If you are 18 to 65 years old and female, especially if you consider yourself a white female, you must hurry down to cast your ballot and vote for Democratic candidates! Many of those on the other side are not your friend and don’t have your best interest.

Men of color, who are struggling for our place in society, realize that for most Republican men, the REAL “great replacement” that threatens white men’s dominance is You, Ladies. Women continue to outnumber men in college completion; 51.3% of all news anchors are women, while 48.7% are men; a majority of younger physicians are female; Women Score Higher Than Men in Most Leadership Skills.

I could go on and on; however, maybe that is why men are working hard to establish barriers to women’s achievements. The REAL culture war is the war to suppress women’s success. It is no accident that men are designing Laws to control women’s growth, development, and power. Recently, the world community has paid close attention to how women’s rights are severely restricted in Iran. Women’s rights are also severely restricted in these United States of America as well. Some men don’t realize that we need all of us to sustain a healthy and secure world.

Ladies, if you need further clarification regarding what I am saying, please review Ms. Elizabeth Bank’s latest movie, “Call Jane.” Before I continue, let’s make something clear, NO, women or girls get pregnant to have an abortion. As we are all aware, in 1973, the passage of Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in the U.S. Many women in several of the RED States in the U.S. need a Jane to Call of their own.

For almost 50 years, women had control over their body autonomy; now, women have been set back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Elizabeth Banks’s movie Call Jane is coming to a theater near you soon. Republican men, who will never understand the “lived experiences” of women, continue to work to downgrade women’s rights by stigmatizing abortion.

If women don’t VOTE on November 8, 2022, like the lives of all women and girls depend on it, moving forward, you will be complicit in your own misery and misfortune. Women must take back their power and not allow “Republican Abortion Deniers” and others to have control over their Lives and Livelihood. A defensive, primarily white male fantasy based on self-doubt, weakness, and resentment will not continue to rule our Democracy. This is a big world, and the truth is, there is enough for all!

Racism In Individuals That Have Power Over Life And Death

Another high-ranking white officer, this time in Florida, allegedly made several derogatory, racist posts. He shared racist tweets online, insisting that Black people were among “America’s biggest problems.” However, the Department Of Justice recently reported domestic terrorist organizations: Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, neo-Confederate, Christian Identity, skinheads, and many other right-wing extremists “are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States.”

It is very concerning to African/Black people to continue to hear that people with power over life and death manifest this kind of attitudes and behavior. Note: Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas declared, “violent extremism poses the most lethal and persistent terrorism=related threat to the homeland today.” They are the primary architects of criminal activity by nation-state actors in the United States.

White racists, with their extremist ideologies, forgot that America became an economic superpower because it benefited from 250 years of free labor on millions of acres of stolen lands. They also forget that they “built” this country by massacring the Native Americans. Historically, a combination of political and religious racists have proven to be capable of ruthless and unforgivable evil.

Ending Domestic Terrorism is one reason that January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol is so significant. Merrick Garland, the U.S. Attorney General, pledges to eliminate Domestic Terrorism in the United States. A.G. Garland told lawmakers that “he believes the Capitol attackers, collectively, is composed of a movement that poses an existential threat to U.S. national security and Americans’ way of life.”

During the J6 Capitol riot, reliable sources reported that approximately 140 officers were injured, and five died. Another 130 Capitol Police officers have left their jobs since the Jan. 6 insurrection. , since January 6,. then.We must never forget those police officers who lost their lives,

We cannot discuss January 6 without acknowledging the Big Lie, clandestine legislative office holders, and those seeking Office in the Mid-Tern Election. There are Election denies in and outside government. Election deniers themselves are a threat to U.S. National Security. Moving forward, we must stripe any office holder or candidate for Office that refuses to recognize President Joe Biden as the legitimate President of the United States from holding Office.

Circumstances related to Congress members’ shared desire to survive the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol on January 6, trauma-induced fear was common throughout the complex. Uniquely their own, the lawmakers were both the witnesses and the victims of an unprecedented assault on American democracy.

S. 894

To authorize dedicated domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity and require the Federal Government to take steps to prevent domestic terrorism.