U.S. Democracy Demands Police to Classify White Racist Groups As Gang Members

Prosecutors said a 17-year-old Girl led a group of four other girls to her ex-girlfriend’s home, where someone fired at least 19 shots, killing a 20-year-old young lady. The judge sentenced the 17-year-old Girl to 140 years in prison on murder and gang charges.’

The murder of the family’s daughter is/was horrible beyond words; however, please let me deviate for a moment. Compared to the exceedingly minimum sentences given to most insurrectionists that attack the U.S. Capital on January 6, 2021, where five people died, the 140-year sentence given to the 17-year-old seems astonishingly excessive. Let’s be clear; the sentences given to most insurrectionists don’t fit the seriousness of their multiple criminal acts.

Based on the definition of 18 USC 521, why aren’t the insurrectionists and criminal groups SUCH AS; the so-called Proud Boys, QAnon, Nationalist Socialist Club or, NSC-131, No White Guilt, Boogaloo, Baked Alaska, Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters, Patriot, Texas Freedom Force, Ohio State Regular Militia, Skinhead, Public Enemy Number One, The Nazi Low Riders, Aryan Brotherhood, and alt-right CONSIDERED GANGS? They are literally “Hiding in Plain Sight.”

Since the DOJ can’t or doesn’t desire to charge the insurrectionists that attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, as radicalized U.S. domestic terrorists, the DOJ must label them as GANGS members. That’s what they are gangs. I am a Man of peace; however, we must end racial disparities that have long permeated every step of the criminal justice process, from police stops, searches, arrests, shootings, and other uses of force. Policies changes must include charging decisions, wrongful convictions, and excessive sentencing.

If local, county, or state police or the FBI notice 3, 4, or more young Black or Brown boys or men hanging together in an urban neighborhood, they are quickly labeled gang members. When law enforcement considers someone a gang member, they receive “gang enhancement” sentencing upon arrest and conviction.

18 USC 521 provides a penalty enhancement of up to 10 years for certain gang members who commit crimes to further the gang’s activities or to maintain or advance their position within the gang. The enhancement is in addition to the penalty for the underlying crime(s).

Violent Gang and Terrorist Organizations File

“The definitions of “gang,” “gang crime,” and “gang member” of the Violent Gang and Terrorist

Organizations File (VGTOF), contained within the FBI” s National Crime Information Center

(NCIC), share some similarities with those definitions used by the states”:

“Gang Member” Definitions

  • The VGTOF definition has a list of criteria, some of which a person must meet to be

considered a gang member.

  • The VGTOF definition requires an admission of gang membership OR two of its criteria.
  • The VGTOF defines a gang as consisting of three or more persons.
  • The VGTOF refers to a gang as an “organization, association, or group.”
  • The VGTOF definition includes criminal/illegal activity or behavior.

Every group that participated in the attack on the attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, fit the definition of a GANG; consequently, why does the U.S. federal and state government treat the groups listed above differently from what is also known as street gangs? The U.S government must expand the gang databases to include all the groups listed above, and not just Black and Brown people. The intelligence law enforcement could obtain by expanding their gang database to include white racist groups will significantly reduce criminal activity and abundantly enhance public safety.

The U.S. must get serious about taking down Domestic Terrorist GANGS that terrorize American citizens with general impunity. We must label them as GANG members and prosecute them as such! We all will be safer.

I will close with this: the FBI has acknowledged the links between law enforcement (GANGS) and suspected white racist terrorist groups. However, to date, the Justice Depart­ment has no national strategy designed to identify white racist police officers or protect the safety and civil rights of the communities they patrol.

The FBI and the Depart­ment of Home­land Security (DHS) have identified white racists as the most lethal domestic terrorist threat to the United States. We will protect our Democracy and ensure Public Safety when we also treat law enforcement officers associated with racist groups (i.e., attacked on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021) as an urgent concern. Without a doubt, they are truly “Hiding in Plain Sight”.

Self Inflicted Wound

Nations around the world are suffering from high oil/gas prices. Why have world leaders not found a way to bring Iran’s and Venezuela’s to market. The answer is, Geopolitics is standing in the way. The world community is allowing one country, Saudi Arabia (KSA), to affect global oil distribution.

The United States must find a way to bring Iran and Venezuela’s oil and gas to market. It’s time for the U.S. to act in its’ own interest and end sanctions against Iran and Venezuela. Western nations trade with the greatest tyrant on earth, Russia; therefore, we can find a way to work with Iran and Venezuela.

Oil Reserves in Iran

Iran has one of the largest gas capacities in the world, and Iran’s gas reserves are about 34 trillion cubic meters. They can meet a significant part of the world’s needs, adding: ” Iran has the ability to produce one billion cubic meters of gas per day, capacity Iran oil production is about 4 million barrels per day and the annual production capacity of petrochemical products is about 92 million tons.

Oil Reserves in Venezuela

Venezuela holds 299,953,000,000 barrels of proven oil reserves as of 2016, ranking 1st in the world and accounting for about 18.2% of the world’s total oil reserves of 1,650,585,140,000 barrels.

Venezuela has proven reserves equivalent to 1,374.2 times its annual consumption. Without Net Exports, this means there would be about 1,374 years of oil left (at current consumption levels and excluding unproven reserves).

Your thoughts

Equal Justice Under The Law

Mr. John F. Johnson, 59, the leader of NFAC, a Black militia group that took part in Louisville protests in the wake of Breonna Taylor’s death, was found guilty on two counts of federal charges. He didn’t hurt nor kill anyone; however, he is facing 7 years in prison. At the same time, many of the insurrectionists responsible for storming the CAPITOL BUILDING on January 6, where destruction was massive, Capital officers were injured, and five people died, are granted minimum jail time if any. 

There is no justice here! We need equal sentencing for All Colors Under the Law. It was horrific what the insurrectionists did to the nation’s global image. It was also a National Security Threat. The Federal Courts have issued a median prison sentence for the January 6 rioters of 45 days. Several others rioters have been sentenced to periods of home detention, while most sentences have included fines, community service, and probation.

Don’t forget that the Domestic Terrorists threatened to Hang former Vice President Mike Pence and kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This happened before God and Man/Woman! This is how those insurrectionists treated the U.S. Capitol and elected officials. They did it before the world and their punishment was Minimal!

Privileges, On A Global Level, Is Awarded Based On Skin Color!

Americans of African descent, specifically and people of color generally, have repeatedly heard statements from their white friends, co-workers, or community leaders say, “I am just a privileged white guy or girl?” Fact is, most Euro Americans consider and connect their Privilege to whiteness. Consequently, others that are not euro/white must wonder and ponder, what is the color of my Privilege?”

The concept of white Privilege affords Euro Americans the benefits of freedom, opportunities, advantages, pleasure, and honor. They have historically and continue to benefit from those pre-existing disparities that give them a better “starting point” in life.

The institution of White Privilege is not unique to the American’s (U.S.) orbit; it is a global phenomenon. White Privilege creates racial inequalities that affect the social and economic conditions of African Black People in America and across the world. Unquestionably it improves Euro’s chances to succeed and thrive. It is outrageous for anyone to pretend or believe that the color of one’s skin has no bearing on their life experiences and successes in America.

Although past Presidents have forecast their selections for the Supreme Court prior to a nomination, a plethora of white racist bigots are working at every level that kept an African/Black women out of the upper tiers of the legal profession. Case in point, President Joe Biden has stated that he will appoint an African/Black woman to the United States Supreme Court. To date, he has reached out to a list of highly qualified Black women with proficiencies and skills that far exceed many of the Justices on the Court today.

African-Americans/Blacks, for far too many years, have been governed by systemic racism, which has never valued our contributions. The concoctions used to maintain this hard-core racist scheme of turning us against ourselves were/is supported by governments, mainstream media interests, and global business elites.

President Biden is making a concerted effort to increase diversity on the Court. Women of color have faced devastating narrow-mindedness at every level in the judicial system in an effort to keep them out of the upper tiers of the legal profession. Critics insisted that President Biden is not choosing an African/Black woman solely on the basis of their identity. He is selecting candidates with sterling track records of professional accomplishments. I would challenge any of the racist haters to compare, side by side, the professional achievements of Biden’s pick against any Justice on the Bench today. The Supreme Court has one of the lowest ratings in its’ history. White Privilege must end with President Biden’s nomination; quite frankly, the Supreme Court’s legitimacy is at stake.

Melaninated skin, in some inexplicable way, seems to give racists the right to minimize African/American Blacks’ humanity. Educational policies in the U.S., to a significant extent, continue to contribute to the construct and reinforcement of White Privilege. Many racists in America want to go back to a time of BOOK BURNING. I am confident that members of the global community are wondering what happened to racial progress in America?

African/American Blacks will full throatily support President Biden’s pick for t Supreme Court. We will enthusiastically seek an end to emotional duplicities and economic terrorism entwined with Barbaric and Unjust policies.

It is in our best interest to fully understand the concept of white racism, which birthed white privileges, a doctrine without moral or scientific authentication. We must fully comprehend the social and economic impact of the sinister levels of miss-education and misinformation perpetrated against Black lives. Consequently, African-American/Blacks must no longer participate in our demise’s continued aiding and abetting. We are on the path of taking back our “Stolen Legacy”:

Melanated People are a glorious resilience people that have given so much to the world in the way of civility, culture, religion, science, education, mathematics, and grace; therefore, we will not remain silent and endure self-imposed genocide by not demanding privileges that others are given just because of the color of their skin. Most importantly, as we move forward, everything that we should control, we will maintain. By seizing total power over our monies and our minds, we will diligently work to connect High-Income Earning Blacks with the cause of complete Black liberation.

It is a historical fact that from the very beginning, based on the color of our skin alone, racial discrimination and the denial of privileges experienced by African-Americans/Blacks have been different from that of any other group in America. African-Americans/Blacks have systematically been forbidden the fundamental rights, opportunities, and privileges afforded others merely based on the color of their skin.

Africans and their American-born descendants have endured one of the cruelest forms of RACISM ever known to humanity. Hence the brutal system is known as “The Peculiar Institution” was born. Our ancestors, who were considered only 3/5 of human beings, consistently resisted enslavement; therefore, our demands for impartiality and full participation in American society have continued today. Although our strategies have varied, our collective goals of total freedom and equality remain unchanged.

The Fierce Urgency for Justice and sustainable Liberation requires us to enthusiastically re-evaluate our relationships with ALL entities that work against our interest. Therefore, African-Americans/Blacks will critically assess the attitudes and actions of companies and individuals and not patronize any institution that continues to disrespect Black People, Black Prosperities, and Black Lives.

Moving forward, we will break the cycle which has created, among some of our red hats brothers and sisters, a type of self-hatred, self-deception, and suppression of our progression.

Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial In Georgia

As the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial in Georgia ends, it reminds me of the Casual Killing Act of 1669. The deviant law, the Casual Killing Act of 1669, which devalues Black lives and makes it legal to kill a slave at will with impunity, is far from new. In the case of Ahmaud Arbery, it took several months for his three killers to be charged.

Moreover, the casual killing of slaves” says that if a slave dies while resisting his master, the act will not be presumed to have occurred with “prepensed malice.” While listening to the defense closing statement in Mr. Arbery’s today, it’s evidence that the Casual Killing Act is still in play!

For the People Act, passed as H.R. 1 in the House and pending as S. 1 in the Senate

I have another message for Senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. It’s still NOT about YOU; It’s “For the People.” I know that you are aware of the games the Republicans play. They pretend to want bipartisan legislation; however, they walk away from voting bipartisan and vote no at the end of the day.

The Republicans’ strategy is to delay, delay, and delay and provide no support. Your baseless accusations about the cost and quality of “Build Back Better” have created catastrophes within your party, and your positions are indefensible.

The game is old, and Democrats must not tolerate their rope a dope strategies anymore, period. Additionally, Mr. Manchin and Ms. Sinema, you both have done well; you have done enough for your sponsors by giving them significant wins.

Now is your time to support your party and stop giving Mitch McConnell the power of the Senate Majority Leader! Mr. Manchin and Ms. Sinema Vote “For The People Act.” Like it says, it’s’ for the people!

Mr. Manchin and Ms. Sinema, The For the People Act is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fundamentally shift power away from wealthy special interests and put it in the hands of everyday people.

The bill, designated as H.R. 1 and S. 1 in Congress, is the boldest, most comprehensive democracy reform legislative package introduced in Congress in decades as it deals with ethics in government, money in politics, voting rights, election security, and gerrymandering.

The bill is multifaceted, addressing voting rights, campaign finance, redistricting, government transparency, and ethics. Many parts of the bill are reforms Common Cause has successfully won at the state and local level, often with bipartisan support. For the People Act is an opportunity to pass these important reforms at the federal level.

So, what is in the bill? Here is a quick snapshot and some highlights, broken down by the three key issue sections of the bill.

Protecting and expanding voting rights and election security:

  • Automatic voter registration
  • Online voter registration
  • Same day voter registration
  • Make election day a federal holiday
  • Voting rights restoration to people with prior felony convictions
  • Expand early voting and simplify absentee voting
  • Prohibit voter purges that kick eligible voters off the registration rolls
  • Enhance election security with increase support for a paper-based voting system and more oversight over election vendors
  • End partisan gerrymandering by established independent redistricting commissions
  • Prohibit providing false information about the elections process that discourage voting and other deceptive practices

Reduce the influence of big money in our politics:

  • Require secret money organizations that spend money in elections to disclose their donors
  • Upgrade online political spending transparency rules to ensure voters know who is paying for the advertisements they see
  • Create a small donor-focused public financing matching system so candidates for Congress aren’t just reliant on big money donors to fund their campaigns and set their priorities
  • Strengthen oversight rules to ensure those who break our campaign finance laws are held accountable
  • Overhaul the Federal Election Commission to enforce campaign finance law
  • Prohibit the use of shell companies to funnel foreign money in U.S. elections
  • Require government contractors to disclose their political spending

Ensure an ethical government accountable to the people:

  • Slow the revolving door between government officials and lobbyists
  • Expand conflict of interest law
  • Ban members of Congress from serving on corporate boards
  • Require presidents to disclose their tax returns publicly
  • Overhaul the Office of Government Ethics to ensure more robust enforcement of ethics rules
  • Require members of the U.S. Supreme Court abide by a judicial code of ethics

“If the proposed changes above sound like a lot – it is. But the decades of neglect and changing political dynamics demand comprehensive solutions”.

Cracks in the U.S. Foundation

There are significant cracks in the foundation of the U.S. Republican Party, and repairing the fracture will be no easy undertaking. It seems that the Republican Party’s right hand doesn’t know what its left-hand wants to achieve. The U.S. Republican Party has demonstrated a state of dysfunctional behavior that has not emerged in recent history.

Case in point; a majority of GOP in congresspersons voted to send the U.S. economy off the “Fiscal Clift” because Mitch McConnell and friends refused to help raise the federal debt limit. Consequently, the GOP’s stance intensifies a political standoff and risks volatility in the financial markets, creating cracks in the broader economy.

Moreover, the intensity of the do-nothing Republican Party could cause a crisis that will trigger a government shutdown. The GOP’s actions will wreak havoc, not only on the U.S. economy but on the global economy as well. There is a significant leadership vacuum in the Republican Party. It appears that several members of the Republican Party are more concerned about their vulnerability related to future primary challenges in 2022 from the far-right within their party than they are about the tremendous hardships that the financial security than Americans people.

Furthermore, to my astonishment, there are members of the Republican Party that believe that government has no place in solving the problems of the American people. However, these same Republicans fought very hard to get elected to governmental offices. The question is, why are they there? As an alternative to working for the sole purpose of serving the American people, conceivably, they are planning on getting PAID BY attending to the interest of the “Big Money Donors (BMDs)” and “Major Lobbying Groups (MLGs).”

The Republican Party has shown a propensity to be at war with women, the elderly, immigrants, minorities, job creation, infrastructure, gay rights, the environment, green technology, and even science. The people elected GOP congresspersons to solve the multitude of problems facing our nation, yet; we now see that numerous members of the Republican Party are even at war with themselves, putting them at war with the needs of the American people.

Battling President Biden over raising the debt limit is a threat to the U.S. national security. This kind of stupidity will cause a halt to our emerging economic recovery and severely damage the U.S. credit rating.

The American people must stand with President Biden and demand that congressional Republicans earn their generous salaries by working in good faith with the president to pass sensible legislation and solve the fiscal and social crisis facing this nation.

More importantly, the people must pressure the Republicans’ corporate paymasters to force them to cease any actions that will remotely harm the U.S and global economies.

The Taliban Takeover Of Their Country, Afghanistan, Could Be A Victory For The Afghanistan People And Global Community

The Taliban Takeover Of Their Country, Afghanistan, Could Be A Victory For The Afghanistan People And Global Community

After retaking their country, the 21st century Taliban leadership has an opportunity to create a new paradigm that includes designing and developing a responsible governing body to manage a new nation.

Since taking power, the Taliban held their first press conference by declaring “amnesty” for government officials and vowing to uphold women’s rights under Islamic law. They also stated that they “have pardoned all those who have fought against them. The Taliban also stated that “Animosities have come to an end,” and they “don’t want to have any problems with the international community.”

Most world leaders are skeptical of their words; however, we must observe their deeds. It is to the Taliban’s advantage to be civil; consequently, thus far, they have presented themselves in a largely peaceful and cooperative manner. We have an opportunity for the world community to participate in this peaceful transition of power. Regional nations and the world community must work with these 21st-century Afgan leaders to form a government for all of Afghanistan.

The world community can influence the new Afghan leadership to develop a peaceful model of governance. Also, to grow their country, the new Afghan leadership must avoid a massive Brain Drain of the country’s talent pool. Moving forward, the United Nations should call a special session and encourage the Taliban to present their new Afghan vision and method of operation.

Lets’ be clear, the Taliban are members of the Afghan families, and indeed they have undoubtedly learned from past mistakes. Since their principally peaceful unchallenged advance into the Afghan capital, they have presented themselves as a responsible governing force. There is a proven method for the world community to make sure that this continued.

Following the Haitian revolution in 1804, France and its Western Allies forced Haiti to pay massive reparations to France before recognizing Haiti’s Sovereignty and ending the nation’s political and economic isolation. These immoral debt payments to France were as much as 80 percent of Haiti’s, a new country, overall revenue.

I am not advising major powers to force the new Taliban government to pay for recognizing its sovereignty and its’ ability to engage in the global political and economic systems. This action would also be immoral; however, the Taliban must know that treating their people well will determine their inclusion or exclusion by the world community.

Similar to the natural resources in Haiti, Afghanistan is also Rich But Poor By Design. World powers are well aware that the nation of Afghanistan has an abundance of natural resources that could make it one of the richest mining regions in the world. “The major mineral resources include chromium, copper, gold, iron ore, lead and zinc, lithium, marble, precious and semiprecious stones, sulfur and talc, and many other minerals.”

In closing, ending the deplorable practice of “bacha bazi” by wealthy or prominent Afghans exploiting underage boys as sexual partners who are often dressed up as women to dance at gatherings is a must. The fall of the Taliban government in late 2001, coupled with the stream of donor money transferred into Afghanistan, empowered Afgan warlords, former military commanders, and wealthy business people to expand their practice of exploiting underage boys. This practice is illegal in most countries, and allied powers cannot continue to remain complicit in the sexual exploitation of children.

The World Community is Better than that!

The Big Lie And The Truth Can’t Operate In The Same Space

The January 6 Bipartisan House Select Committee investigating the riot at the United States Capitol will hold their first interviews today, Tuesday, July 27, 2021. The House Select Committee’s mission is to find the truth related to the 1/6/ U.S. Capitol Riot and make sure that it never happens again. To achieve this goal, the Select Committee must identify the radicalization process of these Home Grown terrorists.

For the Bipartisan House Select Committee to successfully find the truth, there must be an acceptable SET of FACTS! Let’s be clear, no one involved in this process has a right to their own set of facts. More importantly, so-called “alternative facts” have no place in a legitimate investigation period.

The world communities witnessed the 1/6 Domestic Terrorists who attacked the U.S. Capitol. We watched in disbelief as tens of thousands of Trump followers storming the Capitol, stealing and destroying government property. The mob brutalized Capital police and inflected terror and fear in the former Vice President, lawmakers, and Capital Hill Staffers. The rioters’ sole intent was to stop Job Biden’s certification as the 46th President of the United States.

Many of the individuals who participated on January 6, 2021, Domestic Terror attack on the U.S. Capitol put their lives and freedom on the line behind a Big treasonist LIE, the biggest in U.S. history. The Domestic Terrorist storm the Capitol on January 6 to foment a coup against our legitimately elected 2020 President, Joe Biden. Former President Trump could have done the most effortless thing in his presidency by ensuring a “Peaceful Transition of Power.” He lied, and he failed himself and the Nation!

The riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 has led to one of the most significant criminal investigations in American history. Based on public documents related to the domestic terrorist attack, five people died, including a U.S. Capitol Police officer and, the government has brought charges against more than 550 individuals. All Americans must closely monitor these cases.

The United States of America is once again at a reflection point. The most troubling revolution of 1/6 Domestic Terrorists attack at the Capitol was current and former law enforcement officers, military service members, and veterans. Our duty as citizens of this Nation is to regain a true sense of the meaning of Law and Order and punish the perpetrators and instigators of the Big Lie. For this Democracy to survive and thrive, we must ensure that no one is Above the Law in America.

Citizens of The United States Must Demand Medicaid For All

Breaking News, the State of Missouri Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the state must expand Medicaid to low-income residents. The Missouri Supreme Court agreed that the people’s ballot initiative that voters approved last year was constitutional. Thousands of low-income Missourians will gain medical coverage under Medicaid expansion.

People in the other 12 states have yet to expand Medicaid, all with Republican governors or GOP-controlled legislatures must pass ballot measures to demand that they receive medical coverage under Medicaid expansion. Medicaid expansion saves lives every day.

The richest country in the world can and must do better by its’ low-income residents.