Contempt for Wokeness

Wokeness'” is a term that has grown in popularity with some people in recent years. As for the African-American community, Wokeness is a matter of life and death. Wokeness refers to being aware of and attentive to critical societal facts and issues. This is especially true as it relates to racial and social justice.

The opposite of Wokeness equates to either close-mindedness or pure ignorance. It’s a shame Wokeness has become part of today’s culture wars. I can’t imagine that anyone would prefer not to be woke. Do you know anyone who doesn’t value enlightened and multicultural sensitivity? If you do, they indeed demonstrate signs of silliness called anti Wokeness.

As we approach the November 2024 Presidential election, we must stay woke and utilize the strategy of Emotional Intelligent Voting. I encourage all voters who value Democracy not to be a single-issue voter. To be “woke” politically in the Black community means that someone is informed, educated, and conscious of social injustice and racial inequality.”

If you know anyone with a “Contempt for Wokeness,” understand they are operating with a mental deficit and, by all means, are on the wrong side of history.