Daily Archives: January 1, 2024

This message to President Biden is from a Lover of Democracy.

In my opinion, President Biden has two problems pulling down his overall approval rating heading into the 2024 Presidential election. President Biden’s first problem is Vladimir Putin. Putin is a calculating strategic enemy, and based on global activities, he picks the time and place to implement his devious and malicious actions. Biden’s second problem is the reckless, self-serving Frenemy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu’s apparent preference for the November 2024 presidential election is Donald Trump. They see a President Trump as a benefit for their national and global ambitions. Vladimir Putin knows that Trump would enhance his desire to hold on to occupied Ukraine territories, and Benjamin Netanyahu knows that Trump would never push for a “Two-State Solution” in the Middle East.

For President Biden to raise his profile, move his supporters back into his camp, and help him take advantage of his many achievements, he must bring both Ukraine’s and Israeli/Gaza’s crises under control. President Biden cannot allow either Putin or Netanyahu’s devastating actions to remain unchecked and remain his Achilles heel.

The late Secretary of State Colin Powell told former President Bush in the leadup to the Iraq war, “If you break it, you fix it.” Putin and Netanyahu have massively destroyed significant parts of the infrastructure in Ukraine and Gaza; however, neither will fix it. That will fall on the goodwill of the global community.