Listen Up America – Its’ Time For PEACE!

This article is written because its’ time for the American people to become smarter voters and educate themselves regarding both domestic and global political issues. On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, Six World Powers, led by the United States, adopted a Historical Deal involving the Iran nuclear program. The deal is a comprehensive agreement that will govern Iran’s nuclear program for over a decade.

Many of Washington’s politicians, on both sides of the idle, are preparing to vote for or against the Iranian landmark nuclear deal. Several politicians, most have not even read the bill, are basing their vote on how it will affect their individual fundraising capabilities. Again, what I am discussing in this article is the historical Nuclear Deal between the “Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council (U.S., England, Russia, China, and France) plus Germany”. Let’s be clear, the Iranian Nuclear Deal is not just between the U.S. and Iran. Its’ not an America policy, its’ a global policy.

Many of the same Congress members that supported the failed illegal war in Iraq are the same group of warmongering hawks that are now pushing for a new war with Iran. We must insist that our congress member abide by their oath of office and always put American’s interest FIRST. If they continue to ignore the will of the American people and follow the desires of their foreign and domestic donors, they must be removed from office.

Never again can the American people allow Congress persons to dishonor our government and its people by serving the interest of foreign government leaders and their warmongering donor groups. U.S. Congress members were misled in the lead-up to the Iraq war by foreign governments’ false intelligence that led us into a costly war where we lost significantly in both “Blood and Treasure”. This time around, both American lives and America’s global credibility is at stake.

I advise all that read this post to call your Congresspersons and let them that we want them to listen to the global nuclear negotiators and scientific community rather than their self-serving greed factor. We must let Congress know that its time for PEACE. The majority of Americans are against any new media made invented war. We must support politicians that support our collective HONORABLE and PEACEFUL interest.

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