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Reparations For Education

It is a globally known fact that the United States provides a yearly military aid package to the state of Israel. The $3+ billion in annual US military aid to Israel doesn’t go to Israel as a cash allotment. The Annual American aid package goes to a select group of U.S. arms dealers to pay for weapons that are given directly to Israel. The U.S. is negotiating a new aid package with Israel in the $40 billion range over the next ten years. It is our collective duty to pay close attention to global politics that affect world peace and U.S. interest. Case in point, Israel is considered to be a major U.S. ally; consequently, the U.S. aid has positioned Israel to be the strongest military force in the Middle East.

Those that read this article may wonder what the annual U.S. military aid package to Israel has to do with “Reparations For Education” for Afrodescendants people in the United States of America! First and foremost, Afrodescendants Melaninated people in the U.S have never been compensated for the horrific, barbaric, and inhumane psychological and physical damage that was forced upon our forefathers and mothers during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and American enslavement from Slavery from 1619 to 1865 and beyond.

Entities tied to the U.S. government, Corporation interest, and wealthy individuals are still responsible for gross injustices our ancestries. Sick individuals kidnapped, shackled, shipped, auctioned, imprisoned, tortured, raped, lynched and legally forced into illiteracy, poverty, and second-class U.S. citizenship. There is a growing global awareness that addressing past injustices is a crucial part of the process of healing and reconciliation. Again, African were brought to America and forced to work without compensation in a land foreign to them and their culture. There are also long-term international laws related to payments of Reparations.

African-American/Blacks will hold the American Government, Shipping companies, major corporate interest, insurance companies, identified families, and all others that were involved in the vicious demonic enterprise of enslavement of our people accountable without exception! More importantly, Afrodescendants will use the Israel model to obtain resources required to establish our Reparations for Education program.

We will demand that the United States provide a yearly aid package to Afrodescendants in America to set up our national scholarship fund. The annual amount that we will request is to be determined. Similar to the annual U.S. military aid package to Israel, funds requested will not be given directly to any individual. Funds for the Annual American Afrodescendants scholarship aid package will be placed in morally responsible and highly credible U.S. financial institutions and consequently paid directly to U.S. State Colleges and Universities for the education of descendants of former enslaved Black people in America.

The strategy of Reparation for Education is a win; win for both the U.S government and Afrodescendants communities in America. Education will perpetuate the beginning of the end of economic inequality. The return on this investment will be paid for itself in a very few year; hence, it will produce an educated Afrodescendants population that will contribute significantly to research, development and economic growth that has made the U.S. the greatest nation in the world.

Note: Domestic and offshore tax haven cost American taxpayers billions if not trillions of dollars every year. The U.S must use information provided by the recently released 11.5 million documents known as the “Panama Papers” to close the domestic and foreign tax loopholes and reclaim revenue lost to offshore Tax Havens. The U.S. must immediately identify U.S. citizens listed in the Panama Papers and recapture the approximately two trillion dollars identified by document release. Other well-known off-shore tax heavens used by tax dodgers include Bermuda, Cayman Islands, and Seychelles.

It is a fact that most of our elected officials have known about off-shore slush funds and tax havens for several years. The question is, if they know about these illegal activities, why aren’t they doing anything to protect the interest of those of us who havea elected them? As we move toward November 8, 2016, national elections, we must demand that every candidate acknowledges what they know and when they knew and more importantly when are they going to bring funds back on-shore.

Politicians must Commit to end the kind of high-tech thievery outed by the Panama Papers by all tax havens, both foreign and domestic period. Let’s make our votes count; therefore, we must elect quality candidates whose mission is to develop an equitable tax accountability system and work to provide a higher quality of life for all families.

Inclosing, Reparations For Education’s principal goal is to simulate and increase “Higher Educational Attainments”; thereby, reducing income inequality for members of America’s Afrodescendant communities. African-Americans have suffered immensely as a result of the genocidal enslavement of our people in U.S. Many other groups have endured pain at a much lesser rate and have received reparations. If the U.S. government leaders are willing to provide billions annually in US military aid used to kill and destroy, they surely must be willing to provide aid (Reparation for Education) that will be used for growth and development. Therefore, we will not allow Reparations to be Racialized.