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Don’t Be A Victim Of The Psychology of Confusion

I will begin my narrative by stating that as we approach the challenging day of reckoning on November 8, 2016, we must strengthen our levels of clarity, equity and spiritually. We must bind these factors with a profound love for civility, dignity, and humanity.
This statement is for young voters, now referred to as the Millennial Generation as well as other voters others who have not found their way. Don’t be played out of a real voice by adhering to a misguided belief that a vote for a third-party candidate that doesn’t have a remote chance to win is a win! For this society to thrive and survive, Americans must think outside of that so-called box in their heads and participant in the effort to lift our most intelligent, most capable and most graceful candidate to the White House in 2016.
I have paid very close attention to the Presidential election from the beginning until this moment. What is unclear to me and surely to millions of other Americans is, why are mainstream media outlets continuing to indulge in petty C-Rated political entertainment. They are filling the American public with blatant contradictions of facts with even less respect for truth.

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