Don’t Be A Victim Of The Psychology of Confusion

I will begin my narrative by stating that as we approach the challenging day of reckoning on November 8, 2016, we must strengthen our levels of clarity, equity and spiritually. We must bind these factors with a profound love for civility, dignity, and humanity.
This statement is for young voters, now referred to as the Millennial Generation as well as other voters others who have not found their way. Don’t be played out of a real voice by adhering to a misguided belief that a vote for a third-party candidate that doesn’t have a remote chance to win is a win! For this society to thrive and survive, Americans must think outside of that so-called box in their heads and participant in the effort to lift our most intelligent, most capable and most graceful candidate to the White House in 2016.
I have paid very close attention to the Presidential election from the beginning until this moment. What is unclear to me and surely to millions of other Americans is, why are mainstream media outlets continuing to indulge in petty C-Rated political entertainment. They are filling the American public with blatant contradictions of facts with even less respect for truth.

We are thoroughly aware that there are specific sectors of the corporate controlled media that use spin doctors who have problems telling anything that resembles the truth. These media organizations have delivered to the public a “packaged point of view” that reeks of propaganda couple with extreme sanitization.“
The majorities of Americans are seeking a President that has a healthy respect for humanity, is mentally competent, and demonstrate quality leadership driven by sound policies, 21st-century strategies, smart deliverables and Emotional Intelligence”. We will not elect a leader that will keep us in a permanent state of trigger-happy confusion. To most Americans, political correctness, group benefits, domestic, and international law are principals we admire, and we want our children to adopt.
I have faith that the majority of  Americans will make the right choice; hence, on November 8, 2016, we must vote for the candidate that we know will work toward the greater good for all the people. Our collective near term future is far too important for any of us to play the game of “Who’s right who’s wrong.”
We must realize that the closer we get to the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election the shadows dwellers managed by their puppetries will use a heavy dose of “Psychology of Confusion” to cause votes to vote against their own interest. Americans are desperately searching for the right path required to elect a creditable 45th President who is unquestionably the most powerful leader in the world.
If you use your highest moral principles, you will make the right choice for yourself, your family, and for this nation. Therefore, the world community is counting on U.S. voters to make the most mature decision of their lifetime. There is only one legitimate choice left in the 2016 Presidential race; therefore, remember, your vote count and your life, our lives may depend on it.