African’s Revolutions For Human and Economic Justice Will Most Likely Be Televised.

Europeans came to South Africa to work for the Dutch East India Company, as farmers and merchants escaping from religious persecution. In the quest to settle on supple land, they realized how resourceful and communal the indigenous were. As an outsider, incapable of adapting to these cultures, they chose to use excessive force and brutal intimidation to steal the indigenous/aborigines’ lands and their natural resources. From 1948 until its abolition in the early 1990s, the world community witnessed, in silence and without remorse, years of hardship, suffering, and humiliation committed by the wicked South African apartheid regime and its foreign supporters against the South Africa’s original Black Population.

In 1994 when a coalition of majority Black and minority white government leaders officially ended the apartheid system, false promises of equality and peace surfaced in South Africa. As leadership was transitioning, it was discovered that a major failure of the African National Congress (ANC) was the acceptance of the dreaded “Truth & Reconciliation Commission”.

The so-called South African’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TCR) was a deceitful enterprise. The TRC was supported by several Western governments; the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. These entities helped create and sustain the racial dictatorship that came to be known as Apartheid. This same group of thieves persuaded the ANC leadership to place the interests of international financial investors above the needs of their own citizens. More importantly, they were also persuaded them to abandon their “Freedom Charter” that called for redistribution of South Africa’s wealth.

Post-apartheid Black South Africans have inherited a foreign apartheid area debt of $18.7 billion (some R90 billion). Present-day South Africa is among the countries that have the distinct reputation of having some of the highest levels of income/wealth inequality in the world. A point of Fact: (1) “35,000 white families and businesses own more than 80% of South Africa’s land”. (2) “More than 45% of Black South Africans are unemployed compared with 5% unemployment for White South Africans. Or (2) “More than 45% of the Black population are unemployed compared to 5% of the white population.

While poor Black South Africans are struggling to survive; Western governments that are “complicit in the theft of Black Land and natural resources,” have the audacity to say that the “matter of the foreign debt is not a course for concern.” It is this writer’s strong position that the foreign apartheid area debt is of no business of Black South Africans. This too is unsustainable! I want to make sure that Black South Africans know that the Black diaspora throughout the world supports the “Black First Land First Movement.” The majority South Africa Aborigines/Black population is living in a nation that is experiencing the nightmare of an unfinished REVOLUTION. Nationalization of all natural resources is the only answer and the only sustainable way forward for South Africa!

Truth & Reconciliation Commission paid little or no attention to the role that foreign corporations, individual investors, and Western governments played in the creation and subsistence of the racial dictatorship which came to be known as apartheid in South Africa. The ANC realized early on that the process guiding the TRC was flawed. The TRC’s emphasis was to “gather evidence and uncover information from both victims and perpetrators rather than prosecute individuals for past crimes.” To this day, gross human rights violations such as torture, killings, disappearances, abductions, germ warfare, and severe ill-treatment suffered by victims of the apartheid state have gone unpunished.

The World Bank Fund and IMF inspired TRC, proved to be one of the most insulting, vile and abominable aspects of South Africa’s transition government. The mandate of the TRC was to record the testimony of victims and in some cases, “grant amnesty to the perpetrators of crimes relating to human rights violations. Its’ mission was also to provide reparations and rehabilitation”.

The TRC victims’ testimonies, in many ways, were used to detach them from their own shockingly vicious experiences forced on them by the Apartheid regime. The victims were re-traumatized through expressing details of their testimonies, without any assistance with healing and emotional support. The victims’ testimonies often proved more useful to the violent apartheid regime than the Black victims.

The racist South Africa Apartheid regime deliberately and continually committed crimes against humanity and war crimes against multiple Black African states in Southern Africa. These states include: Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Swaziland, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The lethal top-secret Chemical and biological weapons program, “Project Coast,” instituted by the South African government during the apartheid era dirty war was clearly genocidal. It produced ethnic designed chemical and biological weapons specifically devised to KILL BLACK PEOPLE.

Most victims of the of the former racist Apartheid regime are still disillusioned to this day! They recognized that actions taken by the TRC represented major departures from the punishment given out during the Nurnberg trials at the end of WWII. “Shortly after WWII ended in May 1945, Allied governments jointly agreed that those responsible for wartime atrocities must be held accountable and punished for their crimes”.

”Some 5,000 Nazis were charged with war crimes”. “The four counts of the indictment were: 1- Conspiracy to commit crimes alleged in other counts; 2- Crimes against peace; 3- War crimes; 4- Crimes against humanity. The Nuremberg trials were one of the first organized attempts to apply principles of international law, and established new precedents for the international community”.

At the end of the South Africa Apartheid era, why didn’t world governments set up an International Military Tribunal (IMT) to punish those responsible for wartime atrocities? The crimes of the former racist Apartheid regime are parallel to crimes committed by Nazi officials seized after the end of World War II. Victims can clearly see that most beneficiaries of pre and post-Apartheid era crimes have totally escaped accountability for their genocidal actions with bold-faced impunity.

We have clear indications that “Black Lives Don’t Matter” to too many of the world leaders. Black South Africans (BSAs) have been push to the edge; therefore, numerically, the BSAs will soon realize who’s in control of 21st century South Africa. I am sure that they don’t want to be force to take out their hatred for atrocities committed against them and their people by the participants in the apartheid regime. I can assure you that once the truth is widely known the world will rise up and demand equity for Black South Africans They have the support of their brothers and sisters from around the world because we know that we have to save our own lives.

We also know that Knowledge is power. Therefore, what is done to negatively impact Black South Africans lives will come to light and, the truth will not set the perpetrators of evil free. This is just the beginning…..morally appropriate retributions and re-distributions are on its way.