Melaninated People Have An Obligation To Protect Global Melanin

More than ever before in history, Melanin Rich People have an obligation to protect Global Melanin. Atrocities are being played out throughout the world, mostly inspired by historical global racism and remnants of colonialism, is working to destroy Melaninated people in the worst possible ways.

Melaninated people are being used to protect foreign interest; therefore, some members of our African family are without compassion when it comes to destroying other Melaninated people. The predators that are promoting this kind of Melanin on Melanin violent insanity must be exposed, held accountable, and severely punished for their horrendous inhumane acts of genocide.

Because of White Power structural and White Racism, we are losing Melaninated people by the thousands in countries throughout the world. This is specifically true in African states such as: Nigeria, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Angola, Mali and most importantly South Africa.

Millions of Melaninated people that are suffering unimaginable brutalities are fleeing their homes and being forced into internal and external exile within and outside of their home states. The false narratives that document animosities between Melaninated people in Africa and the Middle East are the products of global media assets.
For the most part, the global media continue to narrowly describe Melanin on Melanin conflicts in Africa as simply ethnic or tribal and Christians against Muslims violence. During each event, the world’s mafia media immediately spread false narratives that are accepted as facts; therefore, their explanations takes on a life of its’ on.

The real truth regarding conflicts in Africa and the Middle East centers around foreign instigation and political manipulation, coupled with the fact that foreign governments provide weapons to both sides of every conflict. The global media is always uninterested in identifying small minorities of local elites that monopolize actual power. These arrogant, sick, and self-hating home-grown foreign planted leaders are the perpetrators and beneficiary of violent African and Middle East conflicts.
These simplified narratives produce by foreign media exist and persist because they serve the interests of all those with actual power:
1) The media, because reporting becomes easy when it is a matter of labeling;
2) Local elites, because they can argue that societies that are intrinsically divided can be ruled only by force;
3) The international elites, because such divisions provide a pretext for ongoing and escalating of foreign interventions designed to steal Africa’s natural resources.
The global society continues to misrepresent and misinterpret conflicts in Africa simply because it is their objectives to do so. Historically, colonial powers that once ruled Africa intentionally left in place economic and political situations that they knew were unsustainable.
The cause of the abject failure of African states was grafted during colonialism and is sustained through colonial legacies with the complicity of some of Africa’s elite. If Melaninated people in Africa truly believe that the mayhem throughout the continent is the product of a Melaninated mind, they are in more trouble that I could have imagined.
The majority of Africa’s Melaninated people whose lives are negatively impacted by violence and who so desperately want peace voices are not being heard. Former Colonial Powers are all basic democracies themselves; however, they deliberately left Africa’s minority populations to rule over unreceptive unwilling African majority populations. They talk about democracy; however, they are in love with the so-call strong man better known as the dictator.
The Former Colonial Powers’ political manipulation of the colonizers through divided rules tactics calculatedly changed the balance of power between the minority and majority populations. They allowed chosen minority groups access to governing institutions, particularly the army and police. The minority rulers, the ones holding the weapons, are the only voices heeded. Minority rulers continually use naked power against the majority to stay in power; thereby rending democracies in Africa a remote impossibility.
The worst conflict of all in Africa that is killing more people than any war or conflict is the pharmaceutical designer disease called HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS have killed millions of Melaninated Africans with relative global ambivalence and minimum global concern. Consequently, the planting of HIV/AIDS by the likes of South Africa’s “Project Coast” and other forms of chemical warfare are methods used to slow kill.
These man-made diseases are the major destroyer of Melaninated on the continent. Again, let me remind the global media and people world-wide knew about the Apartheid-Era South Africa murderous medical Doctor Wouter Basson and his yet un-named collaborators.
They operated what has now known as the Project Coast program; a malicious, scandalous Apartheid-Era Nazi style chemical and biological weapons program in the 1980s and 1990s. Through Project Coast, Apartheid-Era Doctors specifically created a hidden contraceptive that was designed to be delivered through the country’s water lines specifically to be used on South Africa s Black male population.
All individuals, still living, that was part of the ” Project Coast “, a secret genocidal project that created viruses, large batches of toxins and bio-toxins under the guise of research laboratories during the 1980 s that were designed only to kill and desecrate the health of Melaninated people must be brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC and/or ICCt) is an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal that sits in the Hague in the Netherlands courts to explain their involvement in this genocide.
Project Coast ” was ordered by former apartheid President PW Botha; consequently, the entire leadership during his deadly era must be investigated, prosecuted, and stripped of all material possessions and wealth. The Dr. Basson and other senior Apartheid-Era South Africa doctors are known to have created viruses that were designed to infect maximum pain to Melaninated bodies.
The seriousness of data provided in this document demands a call to action by the African Union in general, and the governmental leaders of South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe; Mozambique and Swaziland specifically. The leaders of these nations must investigate Project Coast chemical weapons war crimes against Africa’s Melaninated populations.
It is now known that Basson and his criminal gang created various covert ways to administer the toxins and bio-toxins weapons; hence, today we have HIV/AIDS. To this day, we have no idea as to how many Melaninated Africans were killed, sicken, and or injured by their actions. What we do know is that this Real World Holocaust that was perpetrated against Melaninated African people primarily in the southern region of Africa has not been fully investigated and all, I mean all perpetrators revealed.


I am personally counting on the African Union to used modern technology to uncover the crimes committed by Project Coast In Plain Sight and lift the embarrassment in of this area from the soil of Africa. It is the AU’s Obligation To Protect Global Continental Melanin!