America, The RICHEST Country on Earth Is “Leading From Behind” In Providing Healthcare For All Its’ People!

When it comes to the provision of “Universal Health Care” we are either too SELFISH or too STUPID to understand the TRUE VALUE of providing HealthCare for All Americans. Our political leaders have the best healthcare that the people’s monies can buy. Do they think that the American people are less worthy of protections from unforeseen medical risk than other in developed countries?
The June 28, 2012, passage of President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act,” better known as Obamacare,” has pushed the “Obstructionist Republicans” even further out of their “Secret Closet.” Many of the closet obstructionists are the “Same Group of Republicans” who held a “Secret Meeting” on President Obama’s inauguration day, January 20, 2009, to design a plan to “Bring Down” President Barack Obama before he got started.
Republicans have voted 52 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They have used every trick in their arsenal to repeal the Affordable Care Act in its entirety. They have relentless worked to chip away at the law by targeting individual provisions, withholding funding, and undermining implementation. To this day and against the will of the American people, they have shown no signs of abandoning their anti-Obamacare crusade.

As of today, they have backed themselves into an indisputable corner. After wasting more than seven years of unproductive work hours and spending millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money fighting to appeal Obamacare, they have nothing to show for it.
Now that they have control over the Presidency, House of Representative and the U.S. Senate, they think that they can finally repeal the ACA; however, the American people say no, not so fast! After seven years and with the election of Donald Trump as president, the Republican crusade to repeal the Affordable Care Act was supposed to have been enacted two months ago.
What most Americans and many in Congress have forgotten is that the “original fight to pass health care reform, after a century of effort, was a laborious process. Over the course of 14 months, there were dozens of hearings, hundreds of debates, countless rallies, and a divisive national argument“. Republicans accept the fact that there is no quick fix. They must put in the same level of work required to enhance the ACA.
The result was an “imperfect law that’s done an enormous amount of good for millions of people – which has literally saved many Americans’ lives”. Polls have shown that thousands of Trump supporters, although they voted against their own interest, have benefited from the Affordable Care Act ACA/Obamacare law.
Flaunting a new mantra, ‘Make America Sick Again’ modified from President Trump’s campaign slogan, citizens are holding rallies across the nation in support of the ACA. Many Republicans are afraid to confront or unwilling to meet with their constituents because they have only hate and empty promises to offer?
If the president and Republicans try to repeal the ACA without a sound, realistic and workable alternative in place, they will risk triggering an unprecedented public health crisis for almost 30 million Americans.
The world knows that Republicans are heavily invested in the idea destroying the ACA. However, it is past time for Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to step up to the “mike” and tell the American people the truth. They must admit that they have nothing to offer to replace the ADA.
Since Republicans have finally admitted that they “plan to keep some key, popular aspects of the Affordable Care Act, (protections for pre-existing conditions, keeping young people on their parents’ insurance until 26, and protecting Medicaid), I will help them find a solution; a way forward to their dilemma.
First and foremost, for the good of the nation, Congress needs to accept the fact that they must keep the ADA with reasonable modifications. They must assemble a taskforce of medical professionals to help them design honest legislation that will provide coverage for all Americans; provide freedom of choice; freedom of practice; and universal access for Americans.
I am personally embarrassed for our legislators and political leaders. It is time for America stop “leading from behind” and catch up with other industrialized nations and do the humane thing; provide reasonable healthcare for all its’ people.
The Following Countries All Provide “Universal Health Care” to Its People: Japan and New Zealand began providing “Universal Health Care as early as 1938”. Australia/1975; Austria/1967; Bahrain/1957; Bahrain/1945; Bahrain/1958; Canada/1966; Cyprus/1980; Denmark/1973; Finland/1972; France/1974; Germany/1941; Greece/1983; Hong Kong/1993; Iceland/1990; Israel/1995 Italy/1978; Japan/1938; Kuwait/1950; Luxembourg/1973; Netherlands/1966; New Zealand/1938; Norway/1912; Portugal/1979; Singapore/1993; Slovenia/1972; South Korea/1988; Spain/1986; Sweden/1955; Switzerland/1994; United Arab Emirates/1971; United Kingdom/1948.
I want to personally Thank You President Barack H. Obama and all the Congresswomen and men that brought the “Affordable Care Act” to millions of poor and needed Americans. It is a great beginning, and with the right adjustments, it will provide affordable healthcare for all Americans. If it works just as effectively as Medi-cal and Medicaid, (, we could be onto a real winner here, and that’s making sure that everyone across the nation has access to healthcare, and affordable care at that. “Inhumanity anywhere is a threat to humanity everywhere”.