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Media Induced Hysteria Produces Media Induced Conflicts

Sad to say, in our 21st century media-saturated society, global communities are living with unprecedented levels of media heightened fear and anxiety. We learn what we think we know about the world events from the media. Mainstream media tends to concentrate on problem-oriented reporting that goes to the depths of our internal souls. The mainstream media conglomerates controlled by a small group of individuals that have a monumental amount of resources and a narrow-minded view of global humanity.

Most reporting by mainstream media outlets are not meant to heal the planet and its’ people; contrarily, their goals are to mutilate the global public to view right as wrong. Their goals are to be the deciders of that determine who lives and who dies. These media work-smiths, who are fluent and prolific writers use the power of words to cause individuals to work against their own interest. Case in point, the “Tea Party” and followers of Donald Trump.

These media bosses use their experts to create wicked communication strategies that infectiously catches the interest of audiences by taking control of their couscous and unconscious minds. They turn the general public into simple minded subjects that goes around parroting their messages without any real understanding of what’s coming out of their mouths. We must understand that the media’s primary job is not to bring you the news; they aggressively work to control how you feel about persons, places, and things in their messages. Continue reading Media Induced Hysteria Produces Media Induced Conflicts

To Reduce Gun Violence, America Needs Congressmen/Women with Political Courage

It is a shameful day in America when citizens allow the likes of the National Rifle Association and Gun Lobby take the lead in determining what laws will be enacted to reduce mass shooting and various other forms gun violence. President Barack Obama has stepped up to the plate again and again, showing tremendous determination to end the almost total control of NRA and Gun Lobby. He is demanding that Congress enact sensible legislation to push for tighter regulations on firearms dealers and other gun-control measures.

It is a known fact that most Americans support stricter Gun Control Laws. Guns need to be used by people who understand them properly and use the best equipment, such as progressive reloading presses. If a gun falls into the wrong hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, the results can be disastrous. The American people must demand Congress to show their political will and courage to work with our president toward ending horrific gun violence in the USA. We, the American people cannot passively stand by and allow our elected officials to stick their collective heads in the sand and ignore the repeated loss of innocent lives cause by an unchecked gun culture.

Congressman/woman who refuses to take a stand against the genocidal murders of citizens of this nation must be removed from office. We will not longer allow members of the U.S. Congress take their marching orders from and hide under the skirts of the gun lobby and the NRA. Continue reading To Reduce Gun Violence, America Needs Congressmen/Women with Political Courage

Syria Is Again, Hell On Earth

Before nations and individuals continue to dehumanize innocent Syrian refugees, they need to know more about the people. The world community need to know that two of the Syrian’s cities, Damascus, and Aleppo, are believed to be the two of the oldest permanently settled cities in the world. “Syria’s history dates back to 9,000 years before the Christian era.”

Individuals and groups, especially Christians, need to know that Syria was once called the “Holy Land.” In fact, historical records indicate that Jesus Christ once walked the lands of Syria. Consequently, Syria is extremely significance in both Biblical History and Ancient Civilizations.

Ancient Syria once included what is today known as “Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon.” Syria also played a significant role in the development of world civilization. Syria is often called the Cradle of Civilizations, since many of the greatest human achievements that later spread to encompass the world had their beginnings there. Ancient Syria was a rich, diverse, and tolerant society. Continue reading Syria Is Again, Hell On Earth