Media Induced Hysteria Produces Media Induced Conflicts

Sad to say, in our 21st century media-saturated society, global communities are living with unprecedented levels of media heightened fear and anxiety. We learn what we think we know about the world events from the media. Mainstream media tends to concentrate on problem-oriented reporting that goes to the depths of our internal souls. The mainstream media conglomerates controlled by a small group of individuals that have a monumental amount of resources and a narrow-minded view of global humanity.

Most reporting by mainstream media outlets are not meant to heal the planet and its’ people; contrarily, their goals are to mutilate the global public to view right as wrong. Their goals are to be the deciders of that determine who lives and who dies. These media work-smiths, who are fluent and prolific writers use the power of words to cause individuals to work against their own interest. Case in point, the “Tea Party” and followers of Donald Trump.

These media bosses use their experts to create wicked communication strategies that infectiously catches the interest of audiences by taking control of their couscous and unconscious minds. They turn the general public into simple minded subjects that goes around parroting their messages without any real understanding of what’s coming out of their mouths. We must understand that the media’s primary job is not to bring you the news; they aggressively work to control how you feel about persons, places, and things in their messages.

Media outlets reporting is designed to create deep-seated fear and feelings of anxiety. Many times media outlets utilize sensationalized language and gory images to heighten our interest and spread negative, dishonest and misleading news coverage. They are like the thief in the night; while the have us looking over there, they are re-setting and stealing the memories in our minds. They promote concepts of pandemonium and mayhem to make sure that the majority of the global citizenry are always in fear of someone or something.

As I stated before, we the people have no idea how much the media influence and control our feelings and behavior as it relates to people, places, and things. Moreover, we are unaware how much we are manipulated and programmed through the use of high-tech media propaganda; hence, we often fall victim to strategic levels of Media Induced Hysteria. The question that we must ask ourselves is who controls the media? The most important question that we must ask is who get to choose what country and what people are the good guys and which are the bad guys? Lastly, why is it that some parts of the world are always mentioned in positives ways when others are always projected as evil?

We are often fed heavy doses of horrific images of mass destruction in places like Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and countries throughout Africa. The strength of the media has convinced some foreign nations, which are rapped in the arms of Western Capitals, to support dropping bombs on their families in their homelands to bring about so-called regime change. They have watched various countries’ natural treasures and historic sites destroyed while at the same time internal and external refugees are created; running from evil-minded men with weapons of war.

Have you ever wonder why, as mass murder regimes move forward using Media Induced Hysteria (MIH), many repressive regimes in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, Asia and other places throughout the world goes untouched. Rather than pursuing the truth and reporting known facts, some mainstream mafia media outlets choose to report ill-conceived counterproductive lies. The Question that we all must ponder is; will your country be the next victim of Media Induced Hysteria (MIH)? I have often said that warmongers, neocons, and other bombastic individuals, groups, and countries’ greatest fears are that global peace to break out.

We, as global citizens must break through the walls of miss-information, disinformation, and delusionary thoughts by always fact-checking all information sources and find our way to the truth. When it comes to social justice, what’s right is always on the side of humanity. If you want to bring about positive changes in your country and your world, the use of Humanity-Driven Emotional Intelligence, None-Violence, and Non-Destructive Direct Actions are 21st-century winning combinations.

For the record, I have always supported a free press; however, we must all agree that it is illegal for members of the press and anyone else to use the press/media to create false fear that incites violence; willfully spread false information, and create panic situations that drive hysteric actions. When media outlets and others intentionally mislead the public while committing local, national, and international crimes, that must be continually and aggressively prosecuted to the fullest extent of globally accepted laws.