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Syria Is Again, Hell On Earth

Before nations and individuals continue to dehumanize innocent Syrian refugees, they need to know more about the people. The world community need to know that two of the Syrian’s cities, Damascus, and Aleppo, are believed to be the two of the oldest permanently settled cities in the world. “Syria’s history dates back to 9,000 years before the Christian era.”

Individuals and groups, especially Christians, need to know that Syria was once called the “Holy Land.” In fact, historical records indicate that Jesus Christ once walked the lands of Syria. Consequently, Syria is extremely significance in both Biblical History and Ancient Civilizations.

Ancient Syria once included what is today known as “Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon.” Syria also played a significant role in the development of world civilization. Syria is often called the Cradle of Civilizations, since many of the greatest human achievements that later spread to encompass the world had their beginnings there. Ancient Syria was a rich, diverse, and tolerant society. Continue reading Syria Is Again, Hell On Earth