Daily Archives: January 21, 2016

Media Induced Hysteria Produces Media Induced Conflicts

Sad to say, in our 21st century media-saturated society, global communities are living with unprecedented levels of media heightened fear and anxiety. We learn what we think we know about the world events from the media. Mainstream media tends to concentrate on problem-oriented reporting that goes to the depths of our internal souls. The mainstream media conglomerates controlled by a small group of individuals that have a monumental amount of resources and a narrow-minded view of global humanity.

Most reporting by mainstream media outlets are not meant to heal the planet and its’ people; contrarily, their goals are to mutilate the global public to view right as wrong. Their goals are to be the deciders of that determine who lives and who dies. These media work-smiths, who are fluent and prolific writers use the power of words to cause individuals to work against their own interest. Case in point, the “Tea Party” and followers of Donald Trump.

These media bosses use their experts to create wicked communication strategies that infectiously catches the interest of audiences by taking control of their couscous and unconscious minds. They turn the general public into simple minded subjects that goes around parroting their messages without any real understanding of what’s coming out of their mouths. We must understand that the media’s primary job is not to bring you the news; they aggressively work to control how you feel about persons, places, and things in their messages. Continue reading Media Induced Hysteria Produces Media Induced Conflicts