The Waiting Game for Peaceful Change

The world is moving forward expanding human and business opportunities and relationships while many in the U.S. are stuck in the past. The United Nations and the European Union both unanimously approved the Iranian’s nuclear deal earlier this month; however, many U.S. politicians are still spreading fear, distrust, and false information.

The global community is hailing the Iranian Deal as a diplomatic triumph that was resolved peacefully. Furthermore, most nations views the Deal as a mechanism for reducing major security problems without a shot being fired. This is a remarkable diplomatic feat and a model to solve other pending global disputes.

PEACE has taken hold in one of the most violate regions of the world and I look forward to seeing a multiplying effect of DIPLOMACY throughout Africa and the Middle East. Far too many innocent people are dying because power is in the hands of too many misguided, deceitful, and greedy leaders. The peace movement has lost its way. The quickest way to achieve global peace, which leads to prosperity, is mutual respect and honest negotiations. In the final analysis, we must respect the Sovereignty of all nations. Nations and their people have the right to govern themselves independently of any foreign power.

More importantly, we must stand against dishonesty and corruption and always Respect Human DIGNITY; the overwhelming desire of all of mankind. Please choose morality and help revitalize the PEACE movement. Above all, let your voice be heard at home and aboard.


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