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The Taliban Takeover Of Their Country, Afghanistan, Could Be A Victory For The Afghanistan People And Global Community

The Taliban Takeover Of Their Country, Afghanistan, Could Be A Victory For The Afghanistan People And Global Community

After retaking their country, the 21st century Taliban leadership has an opportunity to create a new paradigm that includes designing and developing a responsible governing body to manage a new nation.

Since taking power, the Taliban held their first press conference by declaring “amnesty” for government officials and vowing to uphold women’s rights under Islamic law. They also stated that they “have pardoned all those who have fought against them. The Taliban also stated that “Animosities have come to an end,” and they “don’t want to have any problems with the international community.”

Most world leaders are skeptical of their words; however, we must observe their deeds. It is to the Taliban’s advantage to be civil; consequently, thus far, they have presented themselves in a largely peaceful and cooperative manner. We have an opportunity for the world community to participate in this peaceful transition of power. Regional nations and the world community must work with these 21st-century Afgan leaders to form a government for all of Afghanistan.

The world community can influence the new Afghan leadership to develop a peaceful model of governance. Also, to grow their country, the new Afghan leadership must avoid a massive Brain Drain of the country’s talent pool. Moving forward, the United Nations should call a special session and encourage the Taliban to present their new Afghan vision and method of operation.

Lets’ be clear, the Taliban are members of the Afghan families, and indeed they have undoubtedly learned from past mistakes. Since their principally peaceful unchallenged advance into the Afghan capital, they have presented themselves as a responsible governing force. There is a proven method for the world community to make sure that this continued.

Following the Haitian revolution in 1804, France and its Western Allies forced Haiti to pay massive reparations to France before recognizing Haiti’s Sovereignty and ending the nation’s political and economic isolation. These immoral debt payments to France were as much as 80 percent of Haiti’s, a new country, overall revenue.

I am not advising major powers to force the new Taliban government to pay for recognizing its sovereignty and its’ ability to engage in the global political and economic systems. This action would also be immoral; however, the Taliban must know that treating their people well will determine their inclusion or exclusion by the world community.

Similar to the natural resources in Haiti, Afghanistan is also Rich But Poor By Design. World powers are well aware that the nation of Afghanistan has an abundance of natural resources that could make it one of the richest mining regions in the world. “The major mineral resources include chromium, copper, gold, iron ore, lead and zinc, lithium, marble, precious and semiprecious stones, sulfur and talc, and many other minerals.”

In closing, ending the deplorable practice of “bacha bazi” by wealthy or prominent Afghans exploiting underage boys as sexual partners who are often dressed up as women to dance at gatherings is a must. The fall of the Taliban government in late 2001, coupled with the stream of donor money transferred into Afghanistan, empowered Afgan warlords, former military commanders, and wealthy business people to expand their practice of exploiting underage boys. This practice is illegal in most countries, and allied powers cannot continue to remain complicit in the sexual exploitation of children.

The World Community is Better than that!