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Couse Correction– For The People

In today’s geopolitical World, individuals criticize you based on whose side you appear to take. I support global peace, prosperity, and personal security for all of humanity; consequently, I will support anyone who promotes humanity with their Words and Deeds. It is accepted that every country and everyone worldwide has a right to defend themselves. However, there is a central question that must be asked and must be answered. Specifically, when does a nation’s or an individual’s action cross over from proportionate legitimate self-defense to genocidal disproportionality? Therefore, if you want to know which side I am on, I am on the “Side of Humanity.” My concept, “Side Of Humanity,” is bounded by the twin factors of morality and justice.

The “Most High” blessed this World with enough wealth and resources to guarantee that the entirety of the human family can enjoy a wholesome standard of living and quality lives. Yet citizens of several countries live with high levels of material comfort; many others live in desperate, long-term, continual poverty. Again, although many countries are spiritually and resource-rich, they are materially poor by design.

Years of divide and conquer, invented wars, and ongoing conflicts make it impossible for emerging countries to create safe and secure environments for their people. Violence and conflict most often have devastating consequences on the people involved; however, innocent civilians are victimized because of the circumstances of their birth.

The Middle Eastern Islamic Communities specifically are failing their citizens by engaging in conflicts that they can’t WIN. Insane talk of Combatants obliterating a major power is a perception and deception of reality. A combatant’s attack on a significant military power, for the most part, is committing “Suicide by Military”; hence, Combatants engage in actions that provoke a considerable military force into killing them and their people.

The Combatants also put the very lives of their own citizens in supreme danger. Again, Combatants committing actions that cause a fatal response is “Suicide by Military.” Let’s be clear: Any so-called leader who values personal power over the well-being of their people is no leader at all. The world community cannot allow a lack of empathy for so-called radical groups to normalize the collective punishment of innocent civilians in radical groups’ proximity.

If attacked, most Major Military Powers (MMP) will not hesitate to use their significantly disproportionate military advantage to annihilate individuals and destroy entire communities. Misguided Combatants are responsible for the preventable tragedies leveled against the lives of their people.

It’s one thing to desire to destroy a Major Military Power; however, having the ability to destroy an MMP is quite another thing. On the other hand, any MMPs can destroy the Combatants and their people’s total infrastructure (i.e.) hospitals, kill healthcare professionals, and damage and destroy cultural, educational, and religious sites in hours. This instruction includes the destruction of schools, universities, churches, mosques, and libraries, which will cause significant setbacks for their society for years to come. No one leader should bring this kind of destruction down on people. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a Pathway to PEACE.

Countries below are currently at war or in conflict: the Russia and Ukraine war, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Libya, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Colombia, Mali, and the Israeli-Gaza conflict. Thousands of Innocent civilians are dying every second, minute, hour, and every day! Ultimately, no one WINS in any of these hate-filled situations.

Developing countries must engage in Course Corrections – For the sake of The People and to end the self-inflecting wounds that keep them in a state of deprivation and dispossession. Human beings worldwide deserve to have the right to live in peace, security, and prosperity like members of the European Union and NATO countries. It’s time to de-escalate, not escalate, the tragic events that are causing the death and destruction of people around the World.

If developing countries seek peaceful coexistence and follow a course-correct strategies, they could work through the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, and other international bodies to fight for civil, social, political, and economic justice peacefully. They can use international institutions to help acquire fair market value for their natural resources; therefore, they can use their wealth derived from their natural resources to ensure better living standards, healthcare, and education opportunities for their citizens.

The global community must work to “End All Wars” and move to expand climate control activities. We desperately need PEACE, and the Global community must demand PEACE now! For the sake of the children, for the sake of the mothers, and for the sake of all innocent human beings still living in conflict areas, we must have PEACE! We cannot allow a lack of empathy for so-called radical groups to normalize the punishment of innocent civilians living in close proximity to targeted radical groups.

If I could speak to leaders of Hamas, Houthi rebels, Hezbollah, and others, I would remind them that they cannot WIN a military conflict against any major powers. If they don’t pursue a Course Correction now, they will just continue to exacerbate the trauma, pain, and deaths of innocent civilians and the wholesale destruction of the infrastructure needed to sustain their lives. I would say to them your people have suffered enough and deserve a peaceful solution to present and future conflicts. We live in the 21st century and need emotionally intelligent “THOUGHT LEADERS” who tell the truth no matter whom it exposes. “Though Leaders” must also seek the truth in others and stand up and negotiate strategies to bring about lasting PEACE.

In Closing, large-scale bombings, which kill thousands of innocent people, also have a major negative environmental impact on society. It is well known that war and military activities produce extensive amounts of greenhouse gases and pollution and cause resource depletion. The World needs PEACE and Clean Renewable Energy. The environmental impacts of war include the collapse of institutions, leading to environmental risks that can impact people’s health, livelihoods, and security far into the future. Collectively, we must end the reckless use of explosive weapons that cause massive damage to civilian and industrial infrastructure, resulting in the release of hazardous materials such as asbestos, industrial chemicals, and fuels and the contamination of air, soil, and water resources.

Contempt for Wokeness

Wokeness'” is a term that has grown in popularity with some people in recent years. As for the African-American community, Wokeness is a matter of life and death. Wokeness refers to being aware of and attentive to critical societal facts and issues. This is especially true as it relates to racial and social justice.

The opposite of Wokeness equates to either close-mindedness or pure ignorance. It’s a shame Wokeness has become part of today’s culture wars. I can’t imagine that anyone would prefer not to be woke. Do you know anyone who doesn’t value enlightened and multicultural sensitivity? If you do, they indeed demonstrate signs of silliness called anti Wokeness.

As we approach the November 2024 Presidential election, we must stay woke and utilize the strategy of Emotional Intelligent Voting. I encourage all voters who value Democracy not to be a single-issue voter. To be “woke” politically in the Black community means that someone is informed, educated, and conscious of social injustice and racial inequality.”

If you know anyone with a “Contempt for Wokeness,” understand they are operating with a mental deficit and, by all means, are on the wrong side of history.

The Danger of Lone Wolves

When it comes to political and ideological violence, we must be aware of the “Lone Wolves”.

Lone Wolves have been responsible for some of the most brutal terrorist attacks in history, including the first vehicle bombing, major midair plane bombing, hijacking, and product tampering, as well as the anthrax letter attacks in the United States.

In recent times, we have witnessed the dirty evil work or attempts of many Long Wolves in America. The former U.S. President is said to have incited a Long Wolves strategy. The question is, what are local, state, and federal law enforcement offices going to do about it? The new sickness is called “Swatting” which are false emergency calls.

Below are sever examples of crimes committed by “Long Wolves” in America:

The 2023 Shooting in Buffalo, New York, where an 18-year-old white male racist opened fire with a rifle at a supermarket, killing 10 people and injuring three others. This incident was described as a “hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism” by officials. The suspect was later charged with murder, domestic terrorism, hate crimes, and other charges.

On June 17, 2015, a white supremacist named Dylann Roof opened fire at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, killing nine people and injuring one other. The victims were all African Americans and the attack was motivated by racial hatred Roof was later convicted of murder and other charges, and was sentenced to death. The shooting was widely condemned by politicians and civil rights leaders and sparked a national conversation about race relations in the United States.

Ted Kaczynski (also known as the “Unabomber”) engaged in a serial bombing campaign that lasted from 1978 to 1996. He committed 16 bombing attacks that killed a total of three people and injured 231.

Michael Frederick Griffin, an anti-abortion extremist, shot and killed a physician, David Gunn, during a protest outside an abortion clinic in 1993.

Jonathan Preston Haynes, a self-declared neo-Nazi, shot and killed a Chicago-area plastic surgeon in 1993.

John C. Salvi III, an anti-abortion extremist, embarked upon a shooting spree at two abortion clinics in the Boston area in 1994, killing two and wounding five others.

Larry Wayne Shoemake, a white racist, opened fire at a shopping center in a largely African American neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi in 1996, killing one person and wounding 10 more.

The first thing law enforcement must do is to create more defined mechanisms that can identify the maniacs that are lurking in the shadows making overt threats and carrying out wicked verbal and physical crimes and acts of violence against innocent Americans.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has some of the best intelligent agents in the world in the world. The boldness of these bad actors will and should be their downfalls. This is the time for “All Democracy Loving Americans to exercise strategies of Saying Something When They See Something”!

Here are three examples of (DOJ) initiatives to prevent and address domestic violence include in America:

The National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence: This plan outlines strategies for action to prevent and address sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and other forms of gender-based violence.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA): This act provides funding for programs that aim to reduce and address domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking by strengthening services to victims and holding offenders accountable.

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN): This initiative aims to reduce violent crime by bringing together federal, state, and local law enforcement officials to identify and target the most violent offenders in the most violent neighborhoods.

The Honorable John McCain was an honest and moral Republican. I ask members of the Republican Party, where are the John McCain Republicans? Please, name just one in the present-day Republican leader in Congress. My politics, in many instances, were very different from the honorable John McCain; however, I respected him as an outstanding human being and wish there were others of his KIND!

This message to President Biden is from a Lover of Democracy.

In my opinion, President Biden has two problems pulling down his overall approval rating heading into the 2024 Presidential election. President Biden’s first problem is Vladimir Putin. Putin is a calculating strategic enemy, and based on global activities, he picks the time and place to implement his devious and malicious actions. Biden’s second problem is the reckless, self-serving Frenemy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu’s apparent preference for the November 2024 presidential election is Donald Trump. They see a President Trump as a benefit for their national and global ambitions. Vladimir Putin knows that Trump would enhance his desire to hold on to occupied Ukraine territories, and Benjamin Netanyahu knows that Trump would never push for a “Two-State Solution” in the Middle East.

For President Biden to raise his profile, move his supporters back into his camp, and help him take advantage of his many achievements, he must bring both Ukraine’s and Israeli/Gaza’s crises under control. President Biden cannot allow either Putin or Netanyahu’s devastating actions to remain unchecked and remain his Achilles heel.

The late Secretary of State Colin Powell told former President Bush in the leadup to the Iraq war, “If you break it, you fix it.” Putin and Netanyahu have massively destroyed significant parts of the infrastructure in Ukraine and Gaza; however, neither will fix it. That will fall on the goodwill of the global community.