My Dear African Family 

We Must Forever Reject The Influences Of And The Calling

Of The Death Merchants. This Must Become Our

Common Will And It Will Be Done. 

We Must Stop The Persistent Flow Of The Killing Machines

Being Brought Into Our Communities And Our Worlds

By Out-Side Forces. 

 These, Killing Machines, Are Being Used To Take The Lives Of Our Young Men And Women,

Hence, Killing Our Communities, Our Countries, Our Nations and Our People! 

We Must Learn To Properly Utilize The Natural Resources

God Has Blessed Us With! 

We Must Rise Above The Foreign Planted

Petty Jealous, Envious and Self-Disaffection

That Keep Us From Rising Above Mediocrity. 

We Must Return To The Times When We Loved Our Brothers

Because, In Reality, We Must Be Our Brother/Sisters’ Supporter And

Really Want For Our Brothers/Sisters What We Want For Ourselves. 

God Grivet And God Takes Away, So Say The Scriptures.

God Has Tested And At The Same Time Been Very Tolerant And Patient With His African

Tribes Spread Out All Over The Globe. 

Now It Is Time That We Begin To Truly Do God’s Work

By Doing The Things, Being The People And

Living The Lives That God Has Long Wanted For Us To Achieve. 

Again, We Must Raise Our Level of CIVILITY Toward –

Our-Kind And We Will Receive

The Fruits That Are Truly God’s Will!

The Mystery Has Been Solved, We Are The Chosen Ones