Africa’s Orchestrated Chaos

African Leaders must collaborate to bring the African Continent out of this man-made and media inspired Orchestrated Chaos. Every African leader, regardless of Rank, must pledge to nationalize all natural of their resources. They must also pledge to use their countries’ natural resources to improve the quality of life for its entire people. Case in Point: “Sierra Leone is 203 out of 206 on the world’s poorest countries list; it’s also one of the 10 top diamond exporting countries in the world”. The situation noted above is preposterous on all levels.

In every conflict zone in Africa, Leaders must pledge to call a truce(s). The truce will enable them to begin immediately to save lives, improve their infrastructures; hence, improve the security, well-being, and quality of life for their people. Monies saved from the truce will enable African countries to reduce their foreign debt and bring their citizens out of poverty. I am sure that no African leaders would intentionally keep their citizens ImpoverishSuffering and in Pain. It has to be other reasons why so many of our African Brothers and Sisters living in resource-rich countries are existing on less that two dollars a day!

Those that are orchestrating chaos in Africa, both foreign and domestic, have proven to be incapable of feeling compassion for the suffering of African people. Foreign Arms merchants have created a system of Geopolitical upheaval, mayhem, and pandemonium that benefits a few local leaders while murdering and ripping millions of innocent African men, women, and children from their families, cultures, lands.

In many cases, instead of de-escalating violence at home, some African leaders are persuaded by arms merchants to fear their neighbors and sometimes even their brothers. Consequently, those leaders end up spending millions if not billions of dollars on artilleries, guns, bombs, tanks, warships, fighter jets, and other killing machines while their citizens go un-educated, un-housed and un-fed.

The Global Military Industrial Complex and their global pulpits’ goals are to continue to manipulate developing countries’ leaders by creating a demand for conflicts and wars. Step by catastrophic step foreign powers are selling billions of dollars of weapons designed to enable you, me, we, to kill those that look like you, me, we.

The Global Military Industrial Complex’s TEAM is playing one brother against another, and then another brother against another; consequently, men, women, children, elder, and the physically challenged are all caught in the vicious cycle of murderous crossfires. We cannot we cannot continue to allow war to be sanitized nor popularized; hence, we must call it want it is, murder in the first degree.

When these gory foreign interventionists’ arms merchants finish killing, stealing, and destroying African people’s Lands; they leave behind millions of traumatized lives, devastated infrastructures, and sinister killers roaming their hamlets, villages, towns, and cities. These shadowy networks of extremists, better known as arms merchants, work hand-in-glove with foreign governments, intelligent agents, and military trainers to create a catastrophic militarized world.

For the global military industrial complex to sustain perpetual wars and conflicts in Africa and around the world; it uses mainstream media to manipulate the public both at home and aboard. There is neither morality nor human dignity in maintaining continued upheavals, conflicts, and wars. The military industrial complex also requires a continued accumulation of greedy, immoral dictators and self-serving, materialistic government officials to escalate tensions to feed the insatiable appetite of its handles.

The African continent produces some of the most brilliant technicians, scientist, engineers, and doctors in the world. In the United States of America, Africans are the most highly educated immigrant groups. Leaders on the continent must find a way to encourage those in the diaspora to use their talents in their states of origin.

The agents of destabilization are hard at work in Africa and if African leaders continue doing the same things, listening to the same foreign arms merchants; they and their people will continue to get the same miserable self-defeating results. A United States of Africa will allow Africa to become a powerful unifying force for anyone who seeks the challenge.

The AU has the tools to make it happen; therefore, your time is now and you must seize the moment. In closing, the Mystery Has Been Solved, People of African Descent Are the Chosen Ones.