South Sudan – Mineral Rich Nation Sinfully Poor People

How can any nation be rich in natural resources, but its’ people are poor? All nations that fit this immoral description must answer this question.

I encourage South Sudan President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar to agree to bring PEACE to all disputed regions in their country; not for themselves, but on the behalf of their people. Both leaders must not continue to let egotism, self-importance, arrogance and their senseless pride get in the way of the salvation for their people. Collaboration between President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar is necessary to secure the peace and prosperity for all South Sudanese people. The people of the South Sudan have suffered far too much.

It has become a total embarrassment for the world to continue to witness how the two South Sudan leaders have demonstrated an obscene love of themselves and their personal interest rather than working to develop a progressive civil, social, and economic reality for the country. Their regressive actions have denied their citizens a basic degree of freedom, liberty, integrity, self-respect, humanity, and a higher quality of life. If the above statement is incorrect, someone, please shed light on my position.

South Sudan is an incredibly wealthy country with tremendous oil and other minerals resources that, if equably distributed, could be used to develop unimaginable infrastructures (Schools, Universities, Roads, Rail Services, Irrigation and Food Security, etc.) and positively transcend the lives of their people. This nation has enough wealth to provide every citizen 18 years and older a guaranteed annual income; hence they have the ability to change the dynamics of the quality of life for their people.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar have a shared interest in broad-based cooperation that will lead to a higher quality of life for their people throughout their lands. I challenge the people of South Sudan to step back and examine their country’s historical as well as their present day dilemma. Imagine, with South Sudan’s oil resources along; a unity government in could enable its’ people to live in comfort like the citizens of Dubai and Kuwait.


As the people South Sudan continue to suffer extreme poverty, their leaders embellish themselves in obscene lavish unrestrained luxury. The South Sudanese people must ask themselves, what kind of leader would allow his/her people to continue needless suffering when they have the ability and resources to implement a kind of “Marshall Plan” designed to construct or re-construct their people’s world?

African leaders that are in control of massive amounts of natural resources, which in my opinion, belong to the people of the land, must put the needs of the people FIRST or GET OUT of the WAY and ALLOW a REAL LEADER to “Step Up and Fill the Gap!” African wealth must not continue to be drained out of the country and fill the Coffers and Treasuries of FOREIGN INDIVIDUALS, FOREIGN INVESTORS, and FOREIGN NATIONS. ENOUGH, IT IS TIME FOR A NEW PARADIGM …

The Leaders of South Sudan Must Set New Expectations, With New Models, New Morals, And New Practices That Will Establish New Realities And Bring About A New And Thriving, Prosperous Day For The South Sudanese PEOPLE!!!