Dog Whistle Politics

Recently, an arrogant, classless, billionaire mogul name Rupert Murdoch questioned whether President Obama “Is Black ENOUGH”.  Murdoch also stated that “Ben Carson would be a ‘real black president”. Mr. Ben Carson, like President Obama, is certainly a black man; however, in my opinion, Carson is Black in Skin Color Only.

Murdock, the owner of Fox News Channel, the Fox broadcast network to the FX cable channel, 21st Century Fox, the FX cable channel and other media brands is either a closet racist or just ignorant.

My question to Rupert Murdoch is; does he have the moral capacity to respect the dignity of all Black people? Does he think America, which has been greatly beneficial to him, is moral ENOUGH to look itself in the face and apologize for its Horrific and Abominable racist past toward Black People?

Yes, Mr. Murdoch, Black People from around the world love President Barack H. Obama. Yes, he is Black Enough; however, Black People have had ENOUGH of this kind of back-door racism and this level of  Foolish Dog Whistle Politics.