People Worldwide are running for cover seeking to miss the madmen’s mess. Although the madmen/women maintain the majority ownership of material wealth across the entire world, they can’t enjoy their near unanimous control over people, places, and things because they don’t know how to love themselves; therefore, they have no compassion for nor love any other.

Their thirst for blood and their distribution of unearned pain is part of their breeding. Because they think acts of kindness are a form of weakness, they also think that exploitation must rule the day. With this kind of mentality, there can never be peace in their world.

They don’t understand that simplicity is not the answer when it comes to complex issues of local, national, and global dysfunctionalities. Consequently, People of Peace must not allow childlike inexperienced simple minded politicians and other so-called leaders to sow hostilities, fear, and paranoia among the global populist to solidify support for their narrow-minded bigotry.

A diseased and impaired heart have left them void of compassion. Although their plates are overflowing with bounties stolen from others, they still seek to take the meat off the bones of the World’s most vulnerable. They don’t believe in God because they think that they are the Gods. They have the audacity to believe that it is their unalienable rights to determine who lives and who dies through their constant pursuit of depopulation schemes.

A detestable cycle of violence at the hands of these madmen/women is robbing the innocence of their lives all over the planet. The first question that global citizens must ask of  themselves is; who are the benefiters of these premeditated despicable acts of insanity called WARS?

People are grieving the untimely and unexpected losses of love ones in every corner of the earth.  Let’s be clear, in the eyes of the Creation all lost lives carry the same value and same level of pain in the hearts of love ones left behind.

We cannot continue to cry only for those who have greater access to global media; consequently, we must cry for all humanity whom lives have been taken or lives at risk. There must always be global outrage when any nation/states or group use methods of internationally illegal collective punishment against helpless men, women, and children?

The world must understand that so-called radicalization anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere. Peace will only be possible when justice is universal. Global citizens must courageously push back against the internationally illegal disproportional use of force.

We must work collectively and intellectually to turn all global HOT SPOTS cold. We must develop loyalty to life and prosperity while rejecting calculated injustices that causes continued spilling of blood and treasures. Just a fraction of the resources allocated for Wars can create safe havens for houseless individuals and families in spheres around the world. I agree with the Lyrics from the great Bob Marley’s album “Songs of Freedom” – “Who The Cap Fits Let Them Wear It…

PEACE want hurt; however, it will be the beginning of the healing process and create normality in the lives of people on the run.