Daily Archives: November 19, 2015


People Worldwide are running for cover seeking to miss the madmen’s mess. Although the madmen/women maintain the majority ownership of material wealth across the entire world, they can’t enjoy their near unanimous control over people, places, and things because they don’t know how to love themselves; therefore, they have no compassion for nor love any other.

Their thirst for blood and their distribution of unearned pain is part of their breeding. Because they think acts of kindness are a form of weakness, they also think that exploitation must rule the day. With this kind of mentality, there can never be peace in their world.

They don’t understand that simplicity is not the answer when it comes to complex issues of local, national, and global dysfunctionalities. Consequently, People of Peace must not allow childlike inexperienced simple minded politicians and other so-called leaders to sow hostilities, fear, and paranoia among the global populist to solidify support for their narrow-minded bigotry. Continue reading PEACE WILL BE POSSIBLE WHEN JUSTICE IS UNIVERSAL