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Haiti Is Rich But Poor By Design

Let’s be clear, Haiti has continued to be punished by many in the global community for fighting and obtaining its’ independence from France. Sixth-five years before African-Americans won their freedom in the United States, Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Henry Christophe prevailed over the French, and Dessalines declared Haiti independent in 1804. As a Melanated Nation, Hait has one distinctive characteristic with many of her African sister nations: Rich but Poor by Design.

On January 12, 2010, one of the most devastating earthquakes in recorded history leveled the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. The earthquake that killed more than 150,000 of Haiti’s beloved people unmasked some sinister secrets that most Western nations have known for years. The earthquake revealed that Haiti has oil reserves the size of Venezuela’s or more extensive. Moreover, Haiti also has tremendous resources of Gold & Minerals like Iridium.

For many years, the world community has labeled Haiti the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, suppressing the news of its great wealth. Governments and individuals who have worked in ways to prohibited Haiti from using its natural resources to promote sustainable economic development benefiting the Haitian people have, in many ways, violated the spirit of humanity and the United Resolution 1803, 3171, and 3201.

Facts About Haiti’s Natural Resource Wealth:

“Scientists Daniel and Ginette Mathurin indicate that Haitian soil is rich in oil and fossil fuel, and gold which Haitian and foreign experts collected. “We have identified 20 sites Oil, launches Daniel Mathurin stating that 5 of them are considered very important by practitioners and policies.

“The Central Plateau, including the region of Thomond, the plain of the cul-de-sac, and the bay of Port-au-Prince, is filled with oil, he said, adding that Haiti’s oil reserves are larger than those of Venezuela. An Olympic pool compared to a glass of water that is the comparison to show the importance of oil Haitian compared to those of Venezuela, “he explains.”

All Haitians must realize that their glorious nation in the Caribbean is not poor but enormously wealthy. The proof is as close as their computers and the internet. It is time for Haitians in the diaspora worldwide to work in unison with their people in-country to ensure that Haiti’s natural resources lift its mighty people that have suffered far too long.

Haitians suffered unimaginable for many years under French rule. After the revolution, they suffered under the control of foreign appointed and endorsed dictators who showed the Haitian people no mercy, respect, and love.

Haitian people must not see the glass as half-empty; contrarily, their glass is truly half-full and growing fuller all the time. Additionally, Haitians have every right to stand tall and be proud of their historical past. The Haitian Revolution, which lasted from (1791–1804), was the only slave revolt that led to the founding of a new nation. Haitians and all people of African descent worldwide should be very proud of their people living on this small Caribbean island nation for achieving a monumental triumph over a powerful oppressor.

Most people throughout the world have no idea about one of the most disturbing twists in the aftermath of the Haitian revolution; that being, Haiti was forced, by France and its Western Allies, to pay massive reparations to France. France, the colonizer, demanded this pound of flesh before recognizing Haiti’s Sovereignty and ending the nation’s political and economic isolation. What a concept, the oppressed forced to pay the oppressor. These payments set back Haiti’s economic development for generations. Today, Haitians are still feeling the crushing economic pain.

Fact: African-Americans and our brothers and sisters throughout the Caribbean Islands are still fighting for reparations for the enslavement, stolen labor, and brutal mistreatment of our forefathers and mothers in the Americas. 

Haiti’s Sad fact, many in Haiti’s elites identified more with the French colonists than their Haitian brothers and sisters. One of the most atrocious actions of Jean-Claude Duvalier during his 15-year presidency was his participation in the cover-up regarding Haiti’s resource wealth.

Duvalier was well aware of Haiti’s resource wealth; however, he used designer poverty to kill thousands of his own people and negatively affected the health of thousands more. At the same time, he maintained the continued support of Prime Ministers and Presidents from around the world. Western powers were complicit in Duvalier’s dastardly deeds committed without any signs of remorse or regret.

In the 1990–91 Haitian general election, The honorable Jean-Bertrand Aristide became Haiti’s first democratically elected president. Aristide won his election with 67% of the vote. Following a brief military coup in September 1991, Aristide was president again from 1994 to 1996 and 2001 to 2004.

Aristide was ousted in the 2004 coup d’état after right-wing ex-army paramilitaries invaded the country from across the Dominican border. Aristide and many others have alleged that the United States had a role in orchestrating the coup against him.

Former U.S President George Bush forced him into exile in the Central African Republic and eventually to South Africa. He finally returned to Haiti in 2011 after seven years in exile. Western governments and their Haitian collaborators punished President Jean-Bertrand Aristide for simply loving his people.

Let’s be clear, Haiti’s natural resources belong to the Haitian people, period! Haiti’s diamonds and gold, natural gas, and oil reserves could dramatically accelerate Haiti’s economic recovery and enable the Haitian People to become self-sufficient. It would allow Haiti’s leaders to push for financial independence through trade and industry rather than promised handouts! Haiti can achieve higher economic growth rates and rising prosperity by comprehensively implementing the “Aristide Plan.” Haiti must also find an honest broker to extract revenue from the abundance of its’ natural resources. This strategy will vastly enhance all Haitians’ quality of life and quickens the nation’s economic development.

U.N. Resolutions 1803, 3171, and 3201 provide Haiti, Africa, and other states permanent full title and ownership over their natural resources.

Breaking News “The U.N. human rights chief on Monday urged countries to “fully fund comprehensive processes” and take “a wide range of reparations measures” to address the legacies of slavery, colonial rule, and racial discrimination.”

France must be first in line to and reverse its’ cruel treatment of Haiti. After Haiti won its independence from France in 1804, however, Freedom from France in 1804 did not mean an end to foreign powers intervening in Haiti. Like most colonial powers, the French, democratically ruled at home, had/have no desire to see free Haitian/African people live in and enjoy democracy.

France only recognized an independent Haiti in 1825 after its former Haiti agreed to pay compensation and reparations that would be worth $22 billion today. Over the next 120 years, Haiti had to pay an annual fee for its national Sovereignty. These debt payments to France were as much as 80 percent of Haiti’s revenues. Now, does the world community understand why Haiti is still struggling to feed and house its people?

HISTORICAL FACT: “During the nearly two-decade occupation, the United States controlled Haiti’s security and finances. It also imposed racial segregation, forced labor, press censorship, and deposed presidents and legislatures that opposed the U.S. presence. Some fifteen thousand Haitians were killed in rebellions against the U.S. administration, the bloodiest of which occurred in 1919 and 1929. President Franklin D. Roosevelt withdrew U.S. troops in 1934 as part of his Good Neighbor Policy.”

When Proportionate Legitimate Defense Become Genocidal Disproportionality

The latest news stated that “Israeli ground forces joined attack on Gaza on Friday, representing a major escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants as they edged toward all-out war.” Let’s be clear, people, this is not a war; it’s a massacre. Israel has the most sophisticated weapon systems in existence. Israel also controls the airspace and the territorial waters of the Gaza Strip. This situation limits Palestinian’s rights to freedom of movement and impairs Gaza’s ability to carry out foreign trade.

Israeli ground forces attacks on Gaza is very similar to the slow-motion murder of George Floyd in front of the eyes of global humanity. The world community must stand up and speak out against this pending slaughter of human beings. Mainstream media must not try to indicate that there is some level of equivalency here! Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing criminal charges, appears to use the airstrikes and ground forces against Gaza to save his political career and stave off his corruption allegations.

“According to the health ministry in Gaza, 103 people were killed, including 27 children and 11 women, while 580 people were wounded.” “In Israel, there have been six Israelis killed, including a six-year-old child.” Just like the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the Capitol Building in Washington DC, It appears that what we are witnessing in Israel/Gaza conflict is a total collapse of the rule of law.

Israel, like any nation, has the right to defend itself; however, when does a nation’s or an individual’s action cross over from proportionate legitimate defense to genocidal disproportionality? Its’ time for leaders from around the WORLD to say full-throatily that enough is enough. If world leaders don’t do anything, they become complicit in this rapidly developing genocide.

Senators, Please, It’s Not About You

I have a message for Senator Jon Tester of Montana, Senator, Kyrsten Sinema, of Arizona, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. It’s not about YOU; It’s “For the People.” I know that you are aware of the games the Republicans played during former President Obama’s Administration. Former President Obama made a concerted effort to work in a bipartisan manner. Republicans pretended to want to work with him; however, in the end, they voted against him at every turn.

I ask that you all don’t turn your back on the American people. History is in the making, and “we the people” need you to be on the right side of history. Your future collective votes will either save this democracy or hand it over to the demons.

If either of you is waiting for the Republicans to be bipartisan, please listen to statements made by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “McConnell said the bill would not get a single Senate GOP vote, despite the White House’s bipartisan outreach”.

 If you need any clarification regarding Republicans’ support, McConnell has given you the answer. You were elected to serve the needs of the American people. As I stated earlier, its’ not about you. Now is your time to be “For The People.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told you all you need to know. Democratic Senators Jon Tester, Kyrsten Sinema, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, its’ time to VOTE yes on:

H.R.7120 [116th]George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020
3.H.R.1 [117th]For the People Act of 2021
4.S.914 [117th]Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act of 2021
5.H.R.127 [117th]Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act
6.H.R.5 [117th]Equality Act
7.S.937 [117th]COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act
8.H.R.6 [117th]American Dream and Promise Act of 2021
9.S.Amdt.1456 [117th]S.Amdt.1456 to S.Amdt.1445
10.H.R.842 [117th]Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021

Some In America Seeks To Silence Dissent

Racism Is An Expanding Global Sickness That’s Spreading around the World, like the viciousness of the Coronavirus. We often think we control national and global racism and its wicked and devious ways; however, it resurfaces with a vindictive vengeance again and again. Moral people must collectively cut the head off this race-based snake called racism.

Republican legislators, in several states, like the race-based snake, are passing laws designed to protect drivers who Hit protesters. Over the last year, anti-racism protestors and demonstrators have had to defend themselves from vehicular assault from police and many times from white racists without moral authority nor supremacy.

These so-called bombastic laws grant civil immunity to drivers who ram their vehicles into anti-racism protesters, sometimes injuring or killing them. The only justification these drivers need is to claim that the protests made them concerned “for their own well-being at the moment.” Republican legislators designed these criminally intent laws to end legitimate national protest movements and to silence dissent.

These new states’ laws make one think of the Virginia “Casual killing Act of 1669.” It also give civil immunity to whites only when they felt like killing a person of color. They are a form of Stand Your Grounds by Car. These laws are very dangerous and patently inhumane. Is this the kind of America we dream of?

What we have here is another “American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) designed legislation.

The American Legislative Exchange Council


America, do you know the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEX)? They are at it again, and if you don’t know who they are, you will after you read this article. ALEC is a non-profit 501(c) political organization founded in 1973. It is funded by several of the nations’ most influential corporations that you, we do business with and buy products from every day. ALEC and Friends’ overarching goals are to use Diabolical Creepy Moves to bring down our Democratic way of life as we know it.

The following corporations are just some of the funders behind ALEC: American Bail Coalition, American Water, Altria Group, AT&T, Diageo, Energy Future Holdings, ExxonMobil Corporation, Koch Companies, NetChoice, Peabody Energy, Pfizer Inc., PhRMA, State Budget Solutions, State Farm Insurance Co., United Parcel Service (UPS) and many others.

ALEC is very busy writing GOP voter suppression bills while spending millions to pass them. Working with other Right-wing conservative groups, ALEX has aggressively manufactured over 250 modeled voter suppression restrictions bills that will negatively affect millions of voters. They are well known as the nation’s best-known fill-in-the-blank model bill factory for a wide array of Republicans conservative causes.

Fact: Corporations use ALEC, a tax-exempted organization, to formulate, present and promote model legislation for mostly elected officials on the state level who are ALEC members, and hold leadership roles in the organization. Legislators across the nation introduce similar or identical bills designed to boost corporate power and profits, reduce worker’s rights, limit corporate accountability, or restricted voting rights. The very Legislation that you thought was written and pass into law was probably written for your state lawmaker by corporate lobbyists working through the American Legislative Exchange Council.

ALEC has produced model bills on a broad range of issues, such as reducing regulation and corporate taxation, combating immigration, loosening environmental restrictions, tightening voter identification rules, weakening labor unions, and opposing gun control. The expansion of concealed carry laws — and the push for unrestricted access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. ALEC is a one-stop-shop for corporations looking to identify friendly state legislators to work to get special-interest legislation introduced.

ALEC-modeled Legislation ensures that our governments’ tax dollars collected from the middle and low-income people will benefit the wealthiest 1%. It’s a win-win for corporations, their lobbyists, and right-wing legislators. But the big losers are citizens whose rights and best interests are sold off by elected officials to the highest bidder.

Knowing what you now know, should you/we support any corporation or Individuals that Support ALEC? ALEC’s significant funders include, but are not limited to the following: Exxon Mobil, the Scaife family (Allegheny Foundation and the Scaife Family Foundation), the Coors family (Castle Rock Foundation), Charles Koch (Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation), the Bradley family (The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation) and the Olin family (John M. Olin Foundation). These organizations consistently finance right-wing think tanks and political groups.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) describes itself as the largest membership association of state legislators; however, over 98% of its revenue comes from corporations and corporate foundations. ALEC is not just a lobby or a front group; it is much more potent than that.

ALEC provides state legislators with wish lists of model legislation that benefit corporations and wealthy individuals’ bottom line. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and knowledge of ALEC will help Americans identify ALEC-controlled/corrupted politicians IN THEIR STATE and work to remove them from office. Most importantly, Americans must understand that ALEC’s agenda extends into almost all areas and levels of legislation/law.

ALEC and their GOP puppets are attempting to pass voter suppression laws in 43 states. Greed is at the center of their efforts to undermine environmental regulations, deny climate change; support school privatization; undercut health care reform; defund unions and limit their political influence; restrain legislatures’ abilities to raise revenue through taxes; mandate strict election laws that disenfranchise voters; increase incarceration to benefit the private prison industry, and so much more. In Georgia, the Republicans’ dastardly deeds committed in secrecy have now come to light. Now we know exactly millions of Americans lives are being negatively affected by ALEC-controlled Republican funded Private Corporate Interests.  

Acting Against Your Own Interest

Domestic terrorists and right-wing racist thugs showed their love for Trump by violently attacking the Capitol building on January 6, 2021 to stop President Joe Biden’s presidency from being certified. Now hundreds of them have been charged, some with very grave crimes. Yes, in their efforts to please Trump, they acted against their “own” interest and their families’ interests. Many of these Domestic terrorists and Trump enthusiasts will receive serious jail and prison time.

The FBI, with evidence in hand, is in pursuit of many of these Trump lovers. They are now criminals, fugitives running and hiding from law enforcement officers. Rioters were bamboozled and fell in love with the “Big Lie” that President Biden and the Democrats rigged the 2020 presidential election and had committed voter fraud.

Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Rudy Giuliani, fed rioters misinformation about stolen elections and directed them to inflict mayhem on the Heart of U.S. Democracy filled with elected officials. How was it that no one in these right-wing domestic terrorists’ spaces was not wise enough or emotionally intelligent enough to save them from themselves?

Hence, they were convinced, by people lurking in the shadows, to attack their government. I can’t imagine what they and their families are feeling at this very moment. For sure, because of Trump, many of those who violated the Capitol building have become criminals. Like other criminals, they will lose their freedom, their right to carry their guns, and, more importantly, lose their very right to vote.

Every person in the United States and worldwide must learn from this horrendous lack of judgment by the Capital’s rioters. They went to the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, with comfortable lives and supreme privileges. Many had/have well-paying jobs, kids in college, home owners, parents, and even grandparents. Now, because of the crimes they committed, they are facing an uncertain undesirable future.

In closing, the Capital attack that America and the world witnessed happened within a diabolical mad-man mind. We must all learn from this failure of far-sightedness, and we must excise a higher level of Emotional Intelligence. We must slow down and weigh the penalties related to our perceived and sometimes deceived actions. Remember, if you decide to proceed with your choices and causation, you will have to live with your consequences!

We Demand Reparations & 100% Equity

We, the African-American Black Man and Black Woman are the people with the lived, painful experiences expressed on the pages of most major and minor news media every day, and yes, it hurts. The lived experiences that have been dropped done on our souls were not of our choosing.

Collectively, Black People continue to live in an America rapped with the ropes of what the honorable Dr. Joy Degruy refer to as ” Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome,” ( and again, it hurts.

To understand just a piece of Black People’s pain, please listen to Coach Doc Rivers’ statement, “we love America but America doesn’t love us back.” (

When Black People want to give themselves uplifting, we often say, “We are still here (not murdered), or We are still standing, (able to stand on our own two feet;”) however, we are no longer willing for the bar to be set that low. It is 2021, and if not now, when will Black people be respected for 100% of our Womanhood and Manhood? 100% equity. Now is that time. Thank You. More To Come

Message for Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, and Sen. Mark Kelly

I have a message for Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, and Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona. We understand that you all may face substantial challenges in your re-election bid in 2022; however, significant funding for reopening schools, necessary aid to save small businesses, and the 1,400 relief checks for families devastated by the pandemic must come first.

What you need to know is, we expect you to stand firm with President Job Biden to provide the American people with the recovery funds required for survival during these multiple pandemics facing this nation. If you support the people, the people will support you.

Bipartisan action is a good goal; however, we must look at the recent U.S. political history to guide us as the nation moves forward with the new Congress. The American people are facing crises of immense proportions. We have to work with those who are ready to address these unrelenting issues right now. I agree with the Republican Senators that ensuring that the stimulus checks go to those most in need is a good compromise.

When President Biden was a Senator, he was known as a deal maker. He could bring Democrats and Republicans to unanimity on many important matters facing the country. Today, America is experiencing a partisan divide that is most intransigent in modern history. Moreover, they know that America is experiencing an unprecedented set of crises.

The COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus, continues to pose a mammoth threat to the country. Additionally, the economic conditions are merciless for far too many Americans; consequently, the need for action is pressing, and the extent of the demand is monumental.

I solute the 10 GOP Senators and believe that they are sincere in reaching out to President Biden for a bi-partisan vote; however, what they are offering is much too little and too late. Furthermore, where is the Republican leadership with efforts? Fool Us Once.

Senator Joe Manchin, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, and Sen. Mark Kelly, we have the 51-vote majority in the Senate that would allow President Biden’s bill to pass. We need you to strengthen your resolve and step up and enable the relief package to pass through budget reconciliation if necessary. Americans don’t need to wonder where you are on the urgent relief package.

Demoncrats, let’s go, let’s unite, and let’s vote to move President Biden’s Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic rescue package through the House and Senate on to the American people.

Biden’s economic rescue package includes Enhanced unemployment aid, Rental assistance/eviction moratorium: Help for the hungry: More money for child care and child tax credits: A temporarily increase of tax credits: Subsidies for health insurance premiums: Restoration of emergency paid leave: More assistance for small businesses: Aid for states and schools: Increased support for vaccines and testing: and A $15 hourly minimum wage.

America Says, Nobody Is Above the Law

People of African Consent in the United States of America are watching the political and judicial leaders in this country to ensure that they also concur that “Nobody Is Above the Law.” After reviewing the historical relationship between People of African Consent and the American criminal justice system, we want to ensure this nation punishes those who attacked America’s democratic process on January 6, 2021, with criminal punishment proportionate to their crimes. People were injured, people died, and now, people are crying out for justice.

The rioting rabbit mob forced lawmakers, staffers, and journalists to hide in secure locations as the mob ransacked offices, assaulted Capitol Police officers, and stole property. They also embarrassed this nation and brought the concept of American exceptionalism down to its’ lowest level in decades.

White racists in America have often lived in spaces above the law while functioning on white privilege principles. Their belief in white privilege caused them to think that they could destroy the Capitol Building, the seat of our democracy, and go home and have a beer.

The violent armed white mob who breached the Capitol Building committed grave crimes; therefore, we must prosecute all offenders to the full extent of the law. According to a U.S. Department of Homeland Security report, white racist “present the gravest terror threat to the United States.” If the mob who breached the Capitol Building are not charged and given jail time comparable to their crimes, law enforcement will further put all Americans of color’s and others’ lives at risk.

The rioters woke up on January 7, knowing that “it’s different this time.” On May 25, 2020, 8 Americans and members of the world community witnessed the 8 minutes and 46 seconds slow-motion murder of George Floyd. On January 6, 2021, we saw thuggish white racist insurrectionists’ murderous crimes at the Capitol Building. Now, the Capitol’s horrific desecrations are seared in our collective minds forever.

Law enforcement officers and the criminal justice system must understand that; we are watching how you police the Capitol Hill racist white mob. Thus far, we don’t like what we see. We see white racists insurrectionists treated by law-enforcement like one would treat your little brother or sister that threw a rock and broke your mother’s glass framed door! No Capitol rioters can be allowed to go free! Individuals that are indicted and convicted of felony charges must be STRIPPED of their VOTING RIGHTS until they complete their full sentencing.

The Capitol Building was locked down for three and a half hours before officials declared the building was secure. Police officials and federal prosecutors implied that about 140 officers were injured. “All government officers of the United States, including the President, the Justices of the Supreme Court, state judges and legislators, and all members of Congress, pledge first and foremost to uphold the Constitution.” We must demand every elected official to re-pledge their allegiance. Americans must never forget that murder took place inside the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, 2021.

President Biden tweeted that, “No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protestors that they wouldn’t have been treated very differently than the mob that stormed the Capitol that lead to the deaths of five people.” America the Beautiful can also be America the repugnant, depends on the color of your skin or the county from which you came.

Following the debasement of the Capitol Building, some politicians are disingenuously asking for healing. If they genuinely want HEALING, first, they must show some integrity and assistance in obtaining ACCOUNTABILITY.

Health, Prosperity, and a Sense of Constitutional Normalcy.

On January 5, 2021, Georgians must demonstrate a high degree of Emotional Intelligent Voting. Why, It’s Different This Time. America has a group of mutineers who either don’t want to or can’t recognize the truth from a lie. Their Oath of Office and their patriotism to the United States of America is deeply in question.

A magnitude of Republican elected officials have expressed a level of dishonesty, knowingly or unknowingly, that is an essential threat to the U.S. democracy. The question is, where do we go from here? Momentous damages to our democracy occur every day without remorse or consideration for FACTS from the GOP perpetrators.

With REAL Americans, patriotism comes before one’s political party; therefore, Georgians must elect Democrat Raphael Warnock and Democrat Jon Ossoff to the U.S. Senate on January 5. 2021. By electing these two democrats to the U.S. Senate, we will give President elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris a fighting chance to save our healthcare, educational institutions, and economy, our jobs, our livelihood, and our nation!

Today, as we close out the Trump administration, Billionaires are eating our economy as millions of Americans eat from the free food lines for the first time. Americans want political leaders that uphold the U.S. Constitution and upholds the ideals of freedom, justice, and equality for all.

Though most Republican politicians would dare not to follow Pres Trump’s demands, we have Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois who has chosen to “speak up and lead without concern for the consequences and lead without fear.” Others must stand and work with President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, Senators Warnock, and Senator Ossoff to put our nation on the road to health, prosperity, and a sense of Constitutional Normalcy.