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Panama Papers Unearthed The Patterns and Practices Of Global Greed

The spiritual forces of our African-Americana Ancestries, who arrived on the shores of Panama long before any colonial power did, have created the blissful space for the birth of what is now known as the “Panama Papers.” Our African-Americana Ancestries’ historical trauma, barbaric treatment and immoral, inhumane suffering has unleashed the wheels of justice to correct appalling acts of greed.

The most important fact that we the people must fully understand is; the information provided in the leaked Panama Papers is one of the greatest data leaks in history. It is a huge deal and its’ magnitude will eventually expand throughout the entire world. Those of us who represent the 99 percent of the global citizenry has been given a gift of monumental proportions.

With this knowledge in hand, we will command all elected officials and political leaders across the nation to name names and more importantly, create a “Blue Ribbon” committee charged with comprehensively investigating fraud, drug trafficking, and tax evasion of those identified in the Panama Papers. We must demand extensive transparently and above all, maximum accountability and punishment for those deemed responsible for committing criminal acts. Continue reading Panama Papers Unearthed The Patterns and Practices Of Global Greed