Daily Archives: April 28, 2021

Some In America Seeks To Silence Dissent

Racism Is An Expanding Global Sickness That’s Spreading around the World, like the viciousness of the Coronavirus. We often think we control national and global racism and its wicked and devious ways; however, it resurfaces with a vindictive vengeance again and again. Moral people must collectively cut the head off this race-based snake called racism.

Republican legislators, in several states, like the race-based snake, are passing laws designed to protect drivers who Hit protesters. Over the last year, anti-racism protestors and demonstrators have had to defend themselves from vehicular assault from police and many times from white racists without moral authority nor supremacy.

These so-called bombastic laws grant civil immunity to drivers who ram their vehicles into anti-racism protesters, sometimes injuring or killing them. The only justification these drivers need is to claim that the protests made them concerned “for their own well-being at the moment.” Republican legislators designed these criminally intent laws to end legitimate national protest movements and to silence dissent.

These new states’ laws make one think of the Virginia “Casual killing Act of 1669.” It also give civil immunity to whites only when they felt like killing a person of color. They are a form of Stand Your Grounds by Car. These laws are very dangerous and patently inhumane. Is this the kind of America we dream of?

What we have here is another “American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) designed legislation.