When Proportionate Legitimate Defense Become Genocidal Disproportionality

The latest news stated that “Israeli ground forces joined attack on Gaza on Friday, representing a major escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants as they edged toward all-out war.” Let’s be clear, people, this is not a war; it’s a massacre. Israel has the most sophisticated weapon systems in existence. Israel also controls the airspace and the territorial waters of the Gaza Strip. This situation limits Palestinian’s rights to freedom of movement and impairs Gaza’s ability to carry out foreign trade.

Israeli ground forces attacks on Gaza is very similar to the slow-motion murder of George Floyd in front of the eyes of global humanity. The world community must stand up and speak out against this pending slaughter of human beings. Mainstream media must not try to indicate that there is some level of equivalency here! Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing criminal charges, appears to use the airstrikes and ground forces against Gaza to save his political career and stave off his corruption allegations.

“According to the health ministry in Gaza, 103 people were killed, including 27 children and 11 women, while 580 people were wounded.” “In Israel, there have been six Israelis killed, including a six-year-old child.” Just like the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the Capitol Building in Washington DC, It appears that what we are witnessing in Israel/Gaza conflict is a total collapse of the rule of law.

Israel, like any nation, has the right to defend itself; however, when does a nation’s or an individual’s action cross over from proportionate legitimate defense to genocidal disproportionality? Its’ time for leaders from around the WORLD to say full-throatily that enough is enough. If world leaders don’t do anything, they become complicit in this rapidly developing genocide.