U.S. National Security Threat Operating In Plain Sight

The U.S.A. is facing a National Security Threat. The fundamental threat to U.S. National Security originates from within the U.S. Republican Party, GOP Congressional Representatives, and Radicalized/Racialized MAGA domestic terrorists.

A Calculating Master Grifter and Manipulator (CMM) and his confident men/women hold the MAGA world and Friends as political, psychological, and economic hostages. Trump and his entourage of scam artists use pretense and deceptions to move MAGA money from economically struggling small donors’ pockets to their MAGA Bank accounts.

These Grifters have perfected the proficiency of convincing their MAGA Sycophants to hand over their hard-earned resources willingly and repeatedly. MAGA members are mesmerized by their leaders’ self-victimization Bus on which they are all hitching a ride. Guess what, these victims love every minute of this SH–.

The MAGA crowd robs themselves of their resources/money, and dignity as the wealthy professional grifter takes food from their children’s mouths. We would have to go back to the times of the Third Reich (1933–45) to find people so gullible and so willing to self-surrender their minds, bodies, and souls to a perverted kind of psychological dependency.

President Johnson’s statement was true in the 1960s and it is true in 2023. Many members of the MAGA crowd have been manipulated and are emptying their pockets resulting in jail time and moral bankruptcy. They suffer from a condition called Mental Bondage. Unless they engage other mainstream media sources for information, they will remain in a state of post-reality stress syndrome. Additionally, MAGA folks are Hooked on TvOne, Fox Business Network, One America News Network, and BlazeTV (etc.). MAGA folks are intolerant of the opinions and behaviors of others if they don’t align with theirs.

MAGA leaders generally portray themselves as victims of circumstances to gain pity or sympathy, evoke compassion, and get most MAGA Sycophants to act against their interests. The Calculating Master Manipulators (CMM) select their victims based on their predictable thought patterns, weaknesses, habits, practices, and ability to control their perception of reality! We must not forget that many of these greedy bloodsuckers perpetrate fraud as they undermine the U.S. national defense and security for self-gains.

The Calculating Master Manipulator CMM) has a mental and political padlock on the brains of the Republican Party. Every American and people worldwide know that the January 6 Capitol insurrection was a horrific demonstration of naked extreme lawlessness and thuggery. There have been many REAL Republicans that have attempted to break the chains of gullibility rapped around the MAGA flock necks to no avail.

The MAGA domestic terrorists who attacked the U.S. Capitol exhibited disrespect and self-rightfulness while damaging the U.S. international standing and negatively affecting the nation’s ability to get international support. MAGA media almost always misrepresent the truth; therefore, the so-called “True Social” represents a breadcrumb trail of ball-faced lies and mass deceit. MAGA Sycophants, unable to grasp the scale of the crisis engulfing.

Approximately 81 current or former U.S. military members face charges of participating in the January 6, 2021, mob attack on the U.S. Capitol that led Congress to temporarily halt its counting of the 2020 presidential election’s Electoral College votes.

Moreover, nearly 1 in 5 MAGA individuals charged over their affirmed involvement in the attack on the U.S. Capitol happen to have a military history. The fact that current or former U.S. military members, police officers, and a former FBI agent participated in the insurrection is exceptionally concerning and a disgraceful Nation Security Risk.

More than 80 MAGA defendants charged with the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol have ties to the U.S. military — most of those with a military background were veterans. These groups and many others attempted to disrupt the government from the inside.

Moreover, court records document that at least 11% were military veterans or current or former law enforcement officers, records show. Further, at least 124 people, about 14%, entered the Capitol with family members, and about 13% linked in court documents to extremist groups, including 48 Proud Boys and 30 Oath Keepers members. Based on readily available evidence, it is indisputably clear that far-right ideologies are synonymous with white racism.

The Republican MEGA denialists practice repudiating truth or legitimate facts despite substantial, actual, realistic, or irrefutable evidence. MAGA women continue to show their loyalty to Trump largely against their own interests. Instead of protecting women’s rights and issues, MAGA women practice a sick form of self-rejection and self-hatred. MAGA Republican women also embrace the politics of cruelty to break through the party’s glass ceiling. Cognitive dissonance is their excuse for ignoring the grim reality that they are worshiping a MAGA extremist maniac.