You Really Want To Be – An Emotional Intelligent Voter

An Emotional Intelligent Voter (EIV) is a person who can manage both their own emotions and understand the emotions of people around them. As we approach the U.S. November 2024 election, Americans must demonstrate the ability to engage in Emotional Intelligent Voting. We must not be a parroting generation who repeats the words and phrases of others without understanding the real meaning of what they are saying. I live by the five key fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills!

The majority of the members of the Republican party are Trump sycophants who are fact-less, ignorant, and implicit in insurgency and corruption from the top to the bottom. One thing that we all know well today is, that if you keep following Trump you will lose your money, your freedom, and maybe your life. At the end of the day, you will be left in the dustbin of life and Trump will keep moving on to the NEXT ONE and the NEXT ONE.

America and the world will benefit from engaging in Emotional Intelligence. Understand EI, you will acquire the ability to manage both your own emotions and understand the emotions of people around you. We must never be a ONE-ISSUE VOTER; however, if Americans are to preserve their Democracy, on Tuesday, November 5, 2024, the ONE VOTE you must case is a vote for Democracy Joe Biden.