Guaranteed Annual Income For All Adults

As Nigerian people move closer to the Presidential election on March 28, 2015 they need to know that United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted resolution 1803; and resolution 2158 that entitled developing countries “Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources. More importantly, the principle of permanent sovereignty over natural resources was declared in a much more radical way in Resolution 3171. It reiterates that full control over natural resources is an indispensable element of the sovereignty of a State, that the UNGA “support resolutely the efforts of developing countries in their struggle to regain control over their natural resources”, and that the right to nationalize foreign investments is an expression of the right of permanent sovereignty over natural resources and, as a result, of the sovereignty of a State.

Nigerians are having a Presidential election on March 28, 2015. Citizens of Nigeria, from North to the South must challenge the Presidential candidates to commit to providing all Nigerian adults a guaranteed annual income (GAI). As an alternative to making a few individuals multimillionaires off the government controlled purse; hence causing international conflicts, all Nigeria must receive benefits from their nation’s natural resource.

A guaranteed annual income (GAI) will allow all Nigerians to benefit from the resource wealth of their nation; yes, all must benefit! Providing all adult Nigerians a GAI would immediately improve the quality of life for millions of citizens whom have been marginalized. Concurrently, a GAI will minimalize the perceived perception for conflicts based on election results. Redistribution of Nigerian’s wealth will enable the country to maintain sustainable nationwide peace. Providing Nigerians’ adult population with a GAI will ensure that Nigeria’s infrastructure is improved and no Federal University or other institution are forced to operate without basic necessities.

A redistribution of wealth in Nigeria is the only way forward for the people. Additionally, the Nigerian people must demand to know what percent of their oil and others resources are controlled by their government and what percent is controlled by foreign investors. Based on agreement or standards that were enacted many years ago; it is reasonable that the government must renegotiate the “concession agreements which were undertaken in the 1970s and 1980s”. To obtain full global respect; elected officials who represents the people’s interest, must make a pledge to do all with-in their powers to secure a fair market price for all of their Nigeria’s natural resources. African-American/Blacks will gain full respect globally when Africa is fully respected.
Note: Research United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted resolution 1803; resolution 2158 and resolution 3171.