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We Have To Save Our Own Lives

We Have To Save Our Own Lives And Reject The Perpetual Sickness Of Obesity Brought On By Bad Eating Habits and Bad Health Choices. African-American/Black Sedentary Lifestyle is Unsustainable and Must Give Way to Movement and Exercise.

First Lady Michelle Obama has worked very hard to educate Americans about healthy choices related to their food intake and the need to exercise. It is her continued goal to ensure that the whole family is moving forward toward a healthy lifestyle through healthy diets and exercise.

It is time for the rest of us to join the fight to save our own lives, make better food choices, and help end obesity and the health challenges it produces. Saturated fats, sugar or artificial ingredients are major contributors to obesity; therefore, bit by bit and bite by bite, we must eliminate them from our diets. We can, and we will save our own lives. Continue reading We Have To Save Our Own Lives