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Reparations Will Not Be Racialized

Below is a historical precedence for the payment of Reparations.

First and foremost, we will never forget the horrific, barbaric, and inhumane psychological and physical damaged that our forefathers and mothers had to endure during Trans-Atlantic slave trade from Slavery from 1619 to 1865. Black people were kidnapped, shackled, shipped, auctioned, imprisoned, tortured, raped, lynched and legally forced into illiteracy, poverty and second-class citizenship.

African-American/Blacks will hold the American Government, Shipping companies, major corporate interest, insurance companies, identified families, and all others that were involved in the vicious demonic enterprise of enslavement of our people without exception!

REPARATIONS: There is a global awareness that addressing past injustice is a crucial part of the process of healing and reconciliation. I obtained the information below that revealed during World War II when France was under Nazi occupation, the French rail company Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer, (SNCF), transported thousands of French Jews to Nazi concentration camps. The article also said, “The French government has paid out more than $6 billion in reparations.” Continue reading Reparations Will Not Be Racialized