Daily Archives: March 17, 2016

Murder in Flint Related To Flint Water Crisis

Today, Thursday March 17, 2016, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform required Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to provide testimony related to the Genocidal Flint Michigan water crises. Several individuals are calling for The Governor’s resignation; however, I think the whole country is missing the point here. Governor Snyder is guilty of first-degree murder.

The Snyder Administration knowingly and wilfully forced Flint’s residents to drink; cook, and, bathe in poison water without their knowledge. Yes, a serious crime was perpetrated by Snyder and members of his administration against the residents of Flint.

The U.S. Attorney General has an obligation to bring murder charges against all involved, starting with Governor Snyder and his so-called Emergency Manager immediately. This situation is causing and will continue to cause physical and mental suffering to citizens of Flint Michigan for many years to come. Again, an arrest for first-degree murder and other related crimes are in order.

The U.S. Attorney General must move quickly, take control of the Governor’s office and secure all evidence that’s related to this horrific crime against humanity. I am calling on all fair-minded Americans to join me in demanding that The U.S. Attorney General file first-degree murder charges against Governor Snyder and members of his Administration!

The victims of Flint Michigan; men, women, and children, must achieve justice for the crimes committed against them and their city. It seems to me that this kind of inhumanity is nothing other than a backdoor form or Eugenics. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s problems have just gotten STARTED!