Dangerously Close To Power

Dangerously Close To Power

Prior to the November 8, 2016 presidential election, every American must ask themselves, does the Republican Party, presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, have the intelligence, temperament, humanity, and most importantly the morality, be president of the United States of America! From the very beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump have received widespread un-earned free media coverage that ferried him to the top of the Republican ticket.

Mainstream media outlets have provided Trump with a platform to deliver a narrative of hate, bigotry, arrogant and overt racism. For this reason, this will be my last post regarding Trump’s junk.

As I stated before, by now it is common knowledge that Donald Trump is not fit for the presidency of the United States of America and his performance at the Republican convention gave us all full disclosure. To truly understand the mind-set of Donald Trump, you must pay very close attention the text (words)in his Tweets, speeches and comments and not his antics nor his twisted mouth.

Donald J. Trump has also proven to be an equal opportunity insulter by his brazen disrespect to his Democratic enemies and being a Frenemy to his so-called Republicans Friends. It is unquestionable that 99% of his followers don’t’ have anything in common with him. They must accept the fact that they are being used. Trump loves Trump and anyone else that allows him to use and abuse them.

He has attacked his democratic adversaries and have repeatedly dropped provocative sets of comments in the bellies of the Republican leadership. Controversy swells around him like bees to a bee hide. Trump continue to make unintellectual statements such as, “Politicians are so politically correct anymore, they can’t breathe.” Yes, this what he was quoted as saying using these exact words? Trump challenged Republican leaders to Man up, stating, “The people are tired of this political correctness when things are said that are totally fine.” This is certainly the work of a serial political frenemy.

Trump proved himself to be a pathological liar that has come to believe his own pathetic rhetoric. On Jul 27 2016, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann Fact-Checked Trump’s Press Conference. They revealed what we already knew, his statements are almost entirely untruthful and doesn’t fit the realities of the real world.

The media has allowed him to get away with saying some of the most ridiculous, atrocious and unsubstantiated statements of any candidate in recent history. He is a reality show host that is using the U.S. presidency as his platform to expand his ill-gotten gains. Patriotic Americans who love this country must use their intelligence not their emotions when it comes to choosing our next U.S. President.

Trump’s knowledge of what it takes to be president of the Unites States or any country for that matter, represents his delusionary pattern of perceptive and deceptive thoughts. Trump’s misguided worldview and his repeated insults leveled against members of the global community is extremely dangerous and cannot be tolerated in the 21st century domestic and international arenas.

Donald Trump’s lack of knowledge of what is presidential and what it takes to manage global affairs; therefore, he is systematically inept to be president. The individuals that support Trump’s rambling incoherent juvenile messages, mostly males and mostly white, are seeking guidance and leadership from a TV reality star that is in way over his head and out of his league.

I don’t think he ever thought that he would become the Republican Party nominee and now he finds himself in no man’s land. His polarizing and rambling statements reminds you of a child in school that is very afraid when its’ his time to read; therefore, he act up to get out of being responsible and/or knowledgeable.

At this point in the run for the American presidency, Trump will continue to do what he knows best; that being, “Playing the Dozens” in front of national and global audiences. Hence, he will continue to encourage his supporters to reply to his egregious insults in order to heighten fear and negativity. This enable him to draw more and more free media interest to his diabolical statements. It is a losing strategy to engage him in this kind of non-sensible  debates.

If Americans were judging Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on their domestic and international understanding of the fundamentals of the presidency, Clinton’s lead would be massive rather than the very narrow edge that various polls show. It is not a question that Donald Trump not fit to be president and must be defeated on November 8th 2016; consequently, the winning strategy is to not participate with him in his immature name calling playing the dozen game, but to continually and consistently challenge him to respond factually to important domestic and global issues:

(1)   Challenge Trump to explain his engagement in misinformation and his stoking of fear about Black people, Muslims, and Latinos.

(2)   Challenge Trump to explain why he has not full-throatily denounced his support from white supremacist groups such as: The Ku Klux Klansmen, neo-Nazi group, Aryan Nationalist Alliance, white nationalists, skinhead, and other demonic HATE organizations.

(3)   Challenge Trump to fully explain his anti-science, anti-sustainability, anti-regulation and pro-expansion of Fossil Fuels policies. Explain what impact his energy policy will have on the environment.

(4)   Challenge Trump to comprehensively explain his Energy Claims, Economic Reality and knowledge of the history of the presidency

(5)   Challenge Trump to explain his knowledge of the historical civil rights movement and what it will take to bring racial harmony to our nation as we move further into the 21st century.

Donald Trump and his cohorts are knowingly and actively waging a campaign of incitement against anyone who disagree with his/their illogical policies. He refuses to or just don’t know how to articulate his ideals and positions; consequently, the media allows him to manipulate his way through interviews without providing concrete evidence to support his positions.

Trump has been allowed to lie, cheat, and steal his way out of being a mature, responsible, and presidential candidate. Hence, the media outlets and media pundits are co-conspirators and enablers that have allowed Trump to operate in a sphere that is dangerously’ close to the presidency.

Trump says they want to make American great again. America is already the greatest country in the world; however, if they really want to help this nation move forward, they need to contact their Republican leaders and insist that they work with President Obama to improve our crumbling infrastructure which will create thousands of jobs throughout the nation immediately.

I am not exactly sure how we got here; however, I do know that world citizens and leaders are wondering what are they thinking? They wander if it a joke or another American reality show. What I do know is that an unqualified entertainer is Dangerously Close To Power.