Deadly Association

First and foremost I want to say; Life is the Perception or Deception of Reality. Thousands of times every day, people from around the world use their perception or deception of reality to formulate opinions that carry life and death consequences. Therefore, all members of our human family must learn to understand the power of words.

As of today, we must stop associating the term “black” with negative attributes. The results of recent events has been proven that deadly undertone encourage us to formulate reprehensible choices.  Accordingly, we must stop using words like darkness and black to describe a negative event!

There is a Hidden Agenda for manipulating people to use the words such as darkness and black to describe evil acts. Consequently, these words become racially biased and reflect the culture around you that shape the very wiring of your brain. In today’s’ society, the words black or darkness is sometimes the psychological pathway that leads one to act based on inherent prejudice.

I challenge all of us to study the definition of the words black and white in dictionaries across the globe. As you will find, dictionaries depict a false categorization of black which leads to prejudice and stereotyping. We have historically maintained an unconscious view of the word black as negative. We view black as: “dangerous, evil, unclean, sad or gloomy, intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable. Based on these definitions, the word black can generate an automatic stereotyping process that can trigger thoughts of Black People as violent and criminals beings.

Merely thinking about Blacks can lead some people to evaluate ambiguous behavior as aggressive, and miss-categorize harmless activities as criminal; hence, view harmless objects as weapons. This has caused too many non-Black police officers to shoot too quickly, and, most times, cause a loss of a Black life.

As we have witness time and time again, this kind of thinking, that is pervasive in our culture, has put black lives at risk over and over again. We must never again associate the mere words black or darkness when describing evil, danger, or destruction.  For the sake of humanity; collectively, this kind of deadly association must be dropped from our vocabulary period.