The Jim Crow Timeline 1876 to 1878

Wyoming Separates Schools
Wyoming’s territorial legislature votes to create separate schools for the instruction of black children.
Texas Poll Tax
The Texas Constitution requires voters to pay a poll tax; a free required in order to cast a ballot. Though the measure does not appear to discriminate against any particular race, it will effectively disenfranchise black Texans, who cannot afford the fee.
Mississippi Pig Law
The Mississippi legislature—the first since Radical Reconstruction to be controlled by Democrats—votes to increase penalties for petty crimes. Under the so-called “pig law,” anyone found guilty of stealing a farm animal or any other piece of property worth more than $10 will be charged with grand larceny and sentenced to up to five years in prison.
Texas Two Schools
The Texas Constitution is amended to mandate the creation of two school systems—one provided for white children and another for black children.
Ohio Restricts Marriage
An Ohio law prohibits a person of “pure white blood” from marrying or engaging in “illicit carnal intercourse” with anyone who has “a distinct and visible admixture of African blood.”4
Georgia Separates Schools
The Georgia Constitution prohibits black and white children from attending the same schools. In 1895, 1926, 1933, 1945, and 1957, the state legislature will create laws to enforce this constitutional mandate.
Court Restricts Steamboats
In Hall v. DeCuir, the United States Supreme Court overturns a Louisiana statute banning racial discrimination in steamboat travel. The decision is one of the first to undermine anti-segregation measures passed in the South during Radical Reconstruction.
Mississippi Restricts Schools
The Mississippi legislature reverses a statute passed during Radical Reconstruction that barred school segregation. The new law prohibits white and black students from attending the same schools.

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