Daily Archives: August 29, 2022

Protection Of National Security Is Our Duty

No Legitimate Patriotic Americans, either Independent, Democratic, or Republican, can allow a senseless, vicious, brutal, and reckless attack on the U.S. Capitol, the Legislative Branch of Government, and government agencies to become Legalized nor NORMALIZED.

Those Trump Sycophants and other right-wing politicians and vigilantes who attack Election Workers, School Board members, Librarians, Medical Workers, Women’s Right to Choose, and Law Enforcement officers will be held accountable.

I agree 100% with our distinguished Attorney General Garland, “we must achieve Justice without fear or favor! Anyone that engages in any form of vigilante justice will be held accountable. The stupidity Trump Sycophants are parroting is reckless, ridiculous, juvenile, ignorant, and unacceptable in a civilized society.