Daily Archives: September 9, 2022

Many Have Fallen On The Sword

As the U.S. Department of Justice moves forward in its investigation of materials stored in the empty folders with ”classified’ banners’ at Mar-a-Logo, they should offer individuals who might tamper with said documents an opportunity to come forward.

The significant national security crimes related to the stolen government property seized at Mar-a-Logo are more critical than any of us. Many have fallen on the sword, and their families have greatly suffered. The DOJ knows that some Americans out there possess highly relevant evidence to advance that can assist with their criminal investigations. Again, its’ time for YOU to come forward now!

It would be in the co-conspirators’ favor to come forward before DOJ, through fingerprints and other DNA data, to identify their complicity in this grave matter that could further harm National Security. If you are listening, you must come forward now! Your Silence to protect the criminal activities of others is not worth you spending years of your life in prison.

In closing, some of the classified stolen materials recovered from Mar-a-Lago had the highest top-secret rating. This intelligence breach at Mar-a-Lago not only affects the U.S but also affects our allies worldwide. Any American who thinks it was OK for former President Trump to take secret documents to his resort is not American! A message to Members of the MAGA Republicans, there is No Patriotism Here…