Terrorism Is Terrorism Period

The whole of the civilized world must come together to fight terrorism in all its forms. Terrorism is terrorism, period! Nations of the world cannot continue to be selective in their condemnation of terrorism no matter where it happens or who the victims or victimized are! When there are terrorist strikes against a nation of the world or its’ people, too many in the media go silent, and far too many leaders turn and look the other way.

We cannot deem any person or society unworthy of life; consequently, the global community must use all its technological systems to identify terrorists and bring to justice any individual, group, or country that participates in or supports terrorist actions. Nations that rack havoc and bring pain, misery, and the denial of basic needs to the innocent must not escape with impunity or immunity.

Civilized people worldwide must all agree that all lives are sacred, and every soul counts. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, what language you speak, or what country you are from; your life matters. Our human duty is to eliminate sources of fear that perpetually lead to global mistrust and instability.

Moreover, no one should be victimized by terrorists just because of the “Circumstances of Their Birth.” The circumstance of one’s birth is an involuntary reality that directly affects the life of every child born. We cannot change the circumstance of one’s birth; however, we can fight against terrorism on all fronts, ultimately affecting the quality of life once a child is born.

It’s not OK that innocent people, who live where terror rules both the day and the night, cannot leave their homes and sit in a coffee shop, go to a museum, the theater, or the movie, and return home without worrying about being harmed or having death visit their world.

The world community must collectively agree that all humanity counts and every person’s life must have an equivalent value. This is the 21st century, and actions deemed criminal and have the stench of inhumanity must be repudiated immediately by all leaders, media, and civilized human beings. Again, an act of terror anywhere is a threat to humanity everywhere.

In Closing: The majority of people throughout the WORLD want PEACE; however, there is a limited and diminishing number of intransigents pushing for more destruction and the termination of even more lives. I say to all that seek war, and we know who you are, please explain the difference between your agitation for war and a terrorist agitation for wrecking the world.

Warmongers are operating in PLAIN SIGHT, but what’s different this time is we see you for what you are. The WORLD Community is demanding diplomacy and is crying out for peace. Every nation and its people genuinely want to be on the RIGHT side of HISTORY; therefore, those nations on the outside still have an opportunity to join the new Human Family.