Women, Vote On November 8, 2022, Like Your Lives Depend On It

If you are 18 to 65 years old and female, especially if you consider yourself a white female, you must hurry down to cast your ballot and vote for Democratic candidates! Many of those on the other side are not your friend and don’t have your best interest.

Men of color, who are struggling for our place in society, realize that for most Republican men, the REAL “great replacement” that threatens white men’s dominance is You, Ladies. Women continue to outnumber men in college completion; 51.3% of all news anchors are women, while 48.7% are men; a majority of younger physicians are female; Women Score Higher Than Men in Most Leadership Skills.

I could go on and on; however, maybe that is why men are working hard to establish barriers to women’s achievements. The REAL culture war is the war to suppress women’s success. It is no accident that men are designing Laws to control women’s growth, development, and power. Recently, the world community has paid close attention to how women’s rights are severely restricted in Iran. Women’s rights are also severely restricted in these United States of America as well. Some men don’t realize that we need all of us to sustain a healthy and secure world.

Ladies, if you need further clarification regarding what I am saying, please review Ms. Elizabeth Bank’s latest movie, “Call Jane.” Before I continue, let’s make something clear, NO, women or girls get pregnant to have an abortion. As we are all aware, in 1973, the passage of Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in the U.S. Many women in several of the RED States in the U.S. need a Jane to Call of their own.

For almost 50 years, women had control over their body autonomy; now, women have been set back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Elizabeth Banks’s movie Call Jane is coming to a theater near you soon. Republican men, who will never understand the “lived experiences” of women, continue to work to downgrade women’s rights by stigmatizing abortion.

If women don’t VOTE on November 8, 2022, like the lives of all women and girls depend on it, moving forward, you will be complicit in your own misery and misfortune. Women must take back their power and not allow “Republican Abortion Deniers” and others to have control over their Lives and Livelihood. A defensive, primarily white male fantasy based on self-doubt, weakness, and resentment will not continue to rule our Democracy. This is a big world, and the truth is, there is enough for all!