The Great Replacement Theory Turned Inside Out

There is a propagation of the so-called “Great Replacement” theory because a high percentage of white men with resources, fear that women are replacing them in the workplace. Since the beginning of the “Information Age,” which has transited into the age of Machine learning (MI) “and now into Artificial Intelligence (AI),” men coming out of Coal Mines, Factories and other Blue-Collar workers’ skill sets that are not compatible with the 21st Centry workplace.

It is an undisputable fact, but not fully appreciated, that Women are excelling, on all levels, at a much higher rate than men. Specifically, the gig economy uses digital platforms to connect freelancers with customers to provide short-term services or asset-sharing. A person cannot work at Amazon or work in the GIG economy without a sufficient level of knowledge of Machine learning (MI) “and now Artificial Intelligence (AI). Are you ready?

The Black and Dark men and immigrants are used as distractions in the overall attack on Women’s progress. Men with power seek to discard their targets against women, sometimes in violent ways, but their marks are certain. They use a variable process where the outcome sometimes involves randomness actions and some uncertainty. Case in point; “Where is Nancy?”

Formerly, the time of “Women Suffering” was considered the Greatest Injustice to women in Human History. Then came the Supreme Court, on June 24, 2022, struck down the half-century-old decision of Roe v. Wade, taking away the right of birthing people to privacy and access to an abortion. We now know that the Row v. Wade decision, which has caused Millions of American women to lose fundamental constitutional protection, is one of the MOST VIOLENT attacks on Women, bar none.

Let’s be clear; the phased being for abortion is a misnomer, a misleading term. No woman or girl gets pregnant to get an abortion. Additionally, most of us know someone, a family member, or a friend who had to obtain an abortion out of necessity. Remember, women had the right over their body autonomy for half a century until now!

I am not writing this article in no way to pit women against men; I am witting it to set the record straight regarding the “Great Replacement.” For the most part, Black men know where we stand in the United States of America. The way we are perceived in this country, coupled with the collective punishment of living while Black, we are not a threat to any woman seeking to break the “Glass Ceiling.”

Black Men have to struggle daily with issues such as over-policing, mass incarceration, a discorporate high rate of unemployment, and a discorporate low number of college grades (etc.). However, we are resilient lovers of PEACE and will keep it moving.

Women of America, before you put your Ballots in a drop box or participate in in-person voting on November 8, 2022, please know who and what will earn your vote. Moving forward, your daughter’s, your son’s, and even your lives might depend on your VOTE.

More importantly, as fa as voting is concern, there is far too much silliness going on in the America society today. Every legal vote must be counted. I don’t have to tell you how consequential the Mid-tern or any term vote is; however, when you vote, Vote the Full-Ballot and, by all means, be an “Emotionally Intelligent Voter.