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American Will Not Allow The 2020 Presidential Elections To Be “Willie Lynched “Again

American Will Not Allow The 2020 Presidential Elections To Be “Willie Lynched “Again

It is a widely accepted fact that Russia “Willie Lynched” the 2016 U.S. Presidential election in favor of Donald Trump. It is also a fact that Russia used its’ Internet Research Agency influence operations to disenfranchise African-Americans/Black voters specifically.

As “Willie Lynch said during a speech to white slave owners on the James River bank in 1712, you must pitch the OLD BLACK MALE vs. the YOUNG BLACK MALE and the YOUNG BLACK MALE against the OLD BLACK MALE. You must use the Dark Skin Slaves vs. the Light Skin Slaves and the Light Skin Slaves vs. the Dark Skin Slaves. You must use the Female vs. the Male, and the Male vs. the Female.”

Using “Willie Lynch’s modus operandi, Russia aims to manipulate and inoculate Black people against voting using racial hatred, fear, suspicion, and envy. As we all know, life is the perception or deception of reality; therefore, Russia uses its’ disinformation and social control campaigns to manipulate the American people. Their strategy of turning Americans against each other by exploiting their differences.

Russia has also continued to scrutinize the U.S hyperpolarized racial divide. Their goal is to legitimize African-Americans’ racial grievances to exploit the Black vote. Russia’s hidden hand is involved in the protest movement across America.

Know with information sources. Again, Russians are using fake Facebook, Twitter, and Google ads to sustained their cyberattacks to deceive the American voters generally and Black Americans specifically. Fact, during the 2016 election, a total of 251 contacts between Trump’s team and Russia-linked operatives were identified, including at least 37 meetings”.

For years, the digital infrastructure that serves the United States has been literally under both internal and external attacks. However, the Trump Administration has shown little curiosity regarding expanding our cybersecurity and has provided minimum efforts to protect it.

Let’s be clear; Russian’s strategy is to disenfranchise Black and brown people of their rights to vote; more importantly, they aim to undermine the U.S.’s democracy! To protect our democracy moving forward, The United States of America must address the stench of systemic racism head-on.

Voting for our next president is Different This Time; therefore, Americans must encourage all family members and friends to be “Emotional Intelligent Voters.”

We must elect a president with empathy and self-respect. We need Real Political leaders that can put themselves in their VOTERS’ shoes, thus promoting more thoughtful and deliberate decisions. We must vote for the candidate who will provide us and those we love with a positive way forward and use the bountiful wealth of this nation to improve lives and remove our pain. We need a president who has the will and fortitude to smash the national and global COVIS-19 pandemic; moreover, we need a president to bring back a sense of normality.

Reparations4Education Part-Two

The CASE for Reparations4Education: During the pre-civil period in the United States, anti-literacy laws were a primary strategy used by southerners to dehumanize and control the enslaved Black PEOPLE. Anti-literacy laws were an extension of the scandalous slave code system.

Of all the countries that had enslaved people, the United States is the only country known to have prohibited the education of the enslaved. The concept of forbidding Black People an education was designed to keep them in the lowest state of degradation and ignorance. Racial disparities existed then as it exists today.

Moreover, funding of Reparations4Education will allow African-American/Blacks to “Break the Cycle” of a systemic miseducation system. This will be accomplished by building a “Culturally-Congruent” afro-centric education model to serve the dedicated educational needs of Black People. Below, lets’ look at a government-funded model that has worked to build the strength and power of one of America’s closes ally.

It is a globally known fact that the United States provides a yearly military aid package to the state of Israel. The $4+ billionin annual U.S. military aid to Israel doesn’t go to Israel as a cash allotment. The Annual American aid package goes to a select group of U.S. arms dealers to pay for weapons that are given directlyto Israel.

It is our collective duty to pay close attention to geopolitical policies that affect world peace and U.S. interest. Case in point, Israel is considered to be a significant U.S. ally; consequently, the U.S. aid has positioned Israel to be the most potent military force in the Middle East.

Those that read this article may wonder what the annual U.S. military aid package to Israel has to do with “Reparations For Education” for Afrodescendants  people in the United States of America! First and foremost, Afrodescendants Melaninated people in the U.S have never received compensation for the horrific, brutal, inhumane, psychological and physical damage forced upon our forefathers and mothers.

The genocidal treatment of our Africans Ancestors covered the timeline of Trans-Atlantic slave trade and American enslavement from 1619 to 1865 and beyond. The aid to support “Reparations For Education” will enable African-American/Blacks, over time, to become one of America’s most potent scholarly forces. The return on investment from supporting Reparations4Education is remarkable. Case Study: “Mrs. Oral Lee Brown’s 1987 Contract with 23 first-graders in an inner-city Oakland, CA school.”

Entities tied to the U.S. government, Corporation interest, and wealthy individuals are still responsible for gross injustices done to our ancestries and ourselves. Sick individuals kidnapped, shackled, shipped, auctioned, imprisoned, tortured, raped, lynched, and legally forced into illiteracy, poverty, and second-class U.S. citizenship.

There is a growing global awareness that addressing past injustices is a crucial part of the process of healing and reconciliation. African People were brought to America and forced to work without compensation in a land that was foreign to them and their culture. There are also long-term international laws related to payments of Reparations.

African-American/Blacks will hold the American Government, Shipping companies, significant corporate interest, insurance companies, identified families, and all others that were involved in the vicious demonic enterprise of enslavement of our people accountable without exception! More importantly, Afrodescendants  will use the Israel model to obtain resources required to establish our Reparations for Education program.

We will demand that the United States provide a yearly aid package to Afro-Descendants in America to set up our national scholarship fund. The annual amount that we will request is to be determined. Similar to the annual U.S. military aid package to Israel, funds requested will not be given directly to any individual.

Funds for the Annual American’s Afro-Descendants scholarship aid package will be placed in morally responsible and highly credible U.S. financial institutions and consequently paid directly to U.S. State Colleges and Universities for the education of descendants of former enslaved Black people in America.

The strategy of Reparation for Education is a win; win for both the U.S government and Afro-descendants communities in America. Education will perpetuate the beginning of the end of economic inequality. The return on this investment will pay for itself in a very few years; hence, it will produce an educated Afro-descendants population that will contribute significantly to research, development, and economic growth that has made the U.S. the greatest nation in the world.

Note: Domestic and offshore tax haven cost American taxpayers billions if not trillions of dollars every year. The U.S must use the information provided by the recently released 11.5 million documents known as the “Panama Papers” to close the domestic and foreign tax loopholes and reclaim revenue lost to offshore Tax Havens.

The U.S. must immediately identify U.S. citizens listed in the Panama Papers and recapture the approximately two trillion dollars determined by document release. Other well-known offshore tax havens used by tax dodgers include Bermuda, Cayman Islands, and Seychelles.

It is a fact that most of our elected officials have known about offshore slush funds and tax havens for several years. The question is if they know about these illegal activities, why aren’t they doing anything to protect the interest of those of us who have elected them?

As we move toward November 3, 2020, national elections, we must demand that every candidate acknowledges what they know and when they knew, and more importantly, when are they going to bring funds back on-shore.

Politicians must commit to ending the kind of high-tech thieveryouted by the Panama Papers by all tax havens, both foreign and domestic period. Let’s make our votes count; therefore, we must elect quality candidates whose mission is to develop an equitable tax accountability system and work to provide a higher quality of life for all families.

Reparations4Education’s principal goal is to stimulate and increase “Higher Educational Attainments,”; thereby reducing income inequality for members of America’s Afrocentric communities. African-Americans have suffered immensely as a result of the genocidal enslavement of our people in the U.S. Many other groups have endured pain at a much lesser rate and have received reparations.

If the U.S. government leaders are willing to provide billions annually in U.S. military aid used to kill and destroy, they surely must be ready to provide support (Reparation4Education) used for growth and development. Therefore, Black people want full-freedom, and Reparations4Educations will provide us full-freedom that will not be Racialized!


This Piece Is A Clear Eyed Message To Melanated People the World Over.

In Terms of Economics, Black People Are Collectively, And financially In Last Place

Melanated People’s Salvation Will, In Large A Part, Depends On US Making OUR Connections.

We are the people

Of the broken cord

But we are not

Of the broken Spirit

We don’t know

Just who our

Ancestral Fathers and Mothers are

Or just what land

From which they came

But with our mind’s eyes

We can see over the waters

In the mirrors of their lives

Are the mirrors of our lives

Just like looking at your Father,

Your Mother, Your Sister

And Your Brother

The kindships live inside our Souls

But the Connection is Yet to be Made

By: Mansour Id-Deen

Peacefully March Throughout The Nation For Racial Justice, Do It

I have a message for peaceful marchers throughout the nation, Do It, its’ your first amendment right. Free speech is a constitutional right; however, destroying property, of any kind, is a crime. The honorable former Congressman John Lewis, who passed on ‎July 17, 2020, said, “When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something.”

As you march and exercise your rights to bring about an end to racial injustice under the law, don’t allow yourselves to become unwittingly complicit in the criminal actions of white extremist groups. During a peaceful protest, these cowardly groups commit crimes while hiding in shadows without retribution. These feeble-minded hateful thugs intend to co-opt your mission to spread actual violence and to manifest disinformation.

There are many many different names used by hate groups in the United States and abroad; however, their actions, their spirit, and their souls are extremely wicked, sick, and inhumane. Authorities have identified hate groups AKA criminals gangs such as the so-called Proud Boys and the so-called Far-Right ‘Boogaloo Boys trying to Incite Violence at Peaceful Protests “In Plain Sight” of law enforcement officers. In most cases, they are allowed to commit crimes at peaceful protests with impurity!

On May 25, 2020, we, the global human family, were unfortunately forced to witness the horrendous 8-minutes and 46-second Minneapolis police slow killing of Mr. George Floyd. The gory details of Floyd”s murder penetrated the very souls of fair-minded people on every continent. The brutal nature of the murder of Mr. Floyd by a “Police Gang” woke up many Americans and, ultimately, changed the world.

Yes, the genie of waiting for racial changes is out, and we will not turn back. George Floyd is one of the latest of many black, brown, and indigenous men and women who have been murdered by the police. In most cases of when police kill Black Bodies, there is no transparency, no accountability, and hence, no justice.

The FBI definition of a Hate-Groups is “ criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.” What Say You? Many times we know the names of the Hate Groups; now, we must expose the Identify of individual haters.

Mass peaceful protests are legitimate and justified strategies used to bring about change when so many calls for justice, accountability, and an end to systemic racism have fallen on deaf ears. I encourage Americans and others around the world to continue to step up and speak out and create a new paradigm that demands equity, racial justice, and realignment of our legal and social justice both nationally and globally.

We must be factually aware that extremists groups’ infiltrate peaceful protest for the sole purpose of inciting aggressive police action against blameless protesters. These groups’ egregious actions are very dangerous and, in the most extreme cases, will cause the loss of innocent lives.  For America to be great a great nation, we must dismantle systemic racism at its’ roots.

On November 3, 2020, the United States voters will have another opportunity to get it right. This round includes elections for the president, legislators, governors, secretaries of state, attorney generals, district attorneys, mayors, city council members, school board members, and judges.

We must vote the “Full Ballot” and not allow a minority group of voters to become our deciders.  This November, we must march ourselves to the voting booth and vote for politicians that will dismantle systemic racism PERIOD.  We must vote for someone who has demonstrated, through both their deeds and actions, that they will protect our interest and have already taken up residency on the right side of history.

We Have To Save Our Own Lives

First, I want to wholeheartedly offer my deepest regrets to all families of African-American/Black victims murdered by police officers who, by accepting their badges and their guns, made an oath to uphold the law. Police officers also pledged to “protect and serve,” not to kill without any concern for Black mortality.

On Monday, May 25, 2020, individuals the world over witnessed the wicked, heartless, and treacherous murder of Mr. George Floyd while in Police Custody. Mr. Floyd’s murder has ignited a global outcry for police accountability, and Justice for Black and Brown Lives. I join Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, in saying, may he rest in power. Fired Police Officer Derek Chauvin lost his humanity kneeling on the neck of George Floyd; now, its’ time for him to lose his freedom. George Floyd’s death is changing world day by day and march by march.

It appears that many U.S. Police departments and police officers are still operating based on the concepts of the “The Casual Killing Act of 1669 which declared it legal to kill a slave while correcting because malice could not be presumed. The “casual killing of slaves” says that if a slave dies while resisting his master, the act will not be presumed to have occurred with “prepended malice.”

Systemic racism governs every aspect of Black Lives; however, we will not allow police killing of unarmed African-American/Black people to become normalized. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Somebody Told a Lie One Day (” That lie that Dr. King spoke of has lead to institutionalized racism and dehumanization of Black people. Black people worldwide must continue to acknowledge, “Full Throatily,” that we are now, and we will forever be “Unapologetically Black.”

Black people are perpetually encountering troublesome levels of racist microaggression as we move in and out of the public square. This racist microaggression, experienced by Black people, generally starts as we leave home and ends when we return home with our lives intact.

Moreover, Black people are dealing with two international pandemics. Both pandemics, systemic institutionalized racism, and the Coronavirus COVID-19 have one common thread running through many deadly incidents, that is, the victims are disproportionately Black.

Fact, racism is a public health issue. As a result of this, I am requesting Black leaders throughout the nation to join me in demanding that the federal government (CDC) provide the Black and Brown communities with a “Nation Count” documenting Coronavirus COVID-19 infections and deaths data based on location, age, and race. We must address the racial disparity in coronavirus cases.

Data demonstrates that racism predetermines the type of medical care people of color people receive. Additionally, Police and so-called vigilantes’ verbal, behavioral, and environmental indignities towards Black people, lead to worse health outcomes for people of color.

In closing, lets’ talk about the historic Global Eugenics Associations (GEA) in the United States and Europe. GEA policy goals are designed to control the birth rate and to generate death in nations states and developing countries populated by individuals they consider undesirables. GEA accomplished their goal through depopulation strategies such as designer wars and the spread of infectious diseases. (search Project Coast: eugenics in apartheid South Africa.“

Based on this knowledge, one would have wonder if Coronavirus COVID-19 a Global Eugenics Association strategy?

Cases of concern; In Wisconsin, a state that is only 6% Black, Black people account for half of the COVID-19 deaths. In Chicago, Black people account for 70% of the deaths due to COVID-19 but makeup only 30% of the population. In Richmond, Virginia, all but one of the people who died of COVID-19 were Black. Black and Brown people and other people of color have to save our own lives.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Pandemic

The coronavirus COVID-19 is a Global Pandemic; therefore, the world community must create scientific evidence-based real-time healthcare solutions to save billions of people around the world.

Based on the fact that coronavirus COVID-19 is a Global Pandemic, nations around the world must build trust and cooperation within and among nations, and between people and their governments.

On Monday, May 18, 2020, member nations of the World Health Organization (WHO) led an inquiry into the coronavirus, AKA COVID-19 pandemic. Members nations, except for the USA, agreed that the global community must develop a “comprehensive after-action review of the global response to COVID-19 when it’s under control.”

While countries have agreed that any coronavirus vaccine must be for the “global public good” and “accessibility and affordability in developing countries,” other countries are seeking to protect claims related to self-serving intellectual property rights.

Nations are struggling to end the spread of the Covid-19 by testing and treating patients, carrying out contact tracing, limiting travel, quarantining citizens, and canceling large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts, and schools.

The world community must work collectively to prevent any similar pandemic from recurring. In the final analysis, we must develop ways to help nations better avoid and, if necessary, manage such future Global Pandemics. We must work to ensure that the world community makes full use of what we learn from the global investigative network of scientists from around the world.

A global response to coronavirus COVID-19, a Global Pandemic, will lead to investments in our collective future. One thing for sure, humankind needs competent leadership and unanimity to defeat the coronavirus.

In closing, I want members of the Africa diaspora, as well as our continental African brothers and sisters on the mainland, to fully comprehend that racial identity is a major factor when it comes to disproportionately high-rate of death from COVID 19.

The data on COVID-19 reinforce this reality. Without a doubt, Black people are more likely to contract COVID-19 and are dying at higher rates. People in the Latinx and Native American communities are also dying disproportionately from the virus. For this reason, African-American/Black leaders in the United States must demand a National Count!

What we do know is that the COVID-19 mortality rate for Black Americans is 2.2 times higher than the rate for Latinos, 2.3 times higher than the rate for Asians, and 2.6 times higher than the rate for Whites. This data is extremely concerning, unacceptable and unsustainable.

Research has further revealed that: “For each 100,000 Americans (of their respective group), 42.8 Blacks have died, along with about 18.4 Asians, 19.1 Latinos, and 16.6 Whites. Since we began reporting these data, Black Americans’ COVID-19 mortality rate across the U.S. has never fallen below twice that of all other groups, revealing a durable and undeniable pattern of disproportionality”.

Again, Black Americans must demand a “National Count” race and ethnicity. As of today, only 39 states are known to be releasing full or partial COVID-19 death data disaggregated by race and ethnicity.

When It Come To Gun Control; GOP Congress Persons Are Deft Dumb and Blind

sandy hook victim

December 14, 2018, was the 6th anniversary of the horrific and devastating Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Twenty (20) children between six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members. On January 16, 2013, former President of the United States, Barack Obama gave one of the most compassionate speeches that I have ever heard on behalf of the American people. He looked straight into the cameras and made a compelling case for a change in direction as it relates to a gun culture that is totally out of control. He reached out with an open hand to our elected officials in congress and asked them to join him in finding solutions to the mayhem caused by unethical gun sales, assault rifles, and massive clips.

The former President Obama spoke on the behalf of the small innocent children, their protective teachers, and the brave administrators that died at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The President spoke on the behalf of the grieving parents that lost their children, and members of Sandy Hook community that have to live with this tragedy every day. He spoke on the behalf of the thousands of Americans that die each year from senseless gun violence on school campuses, office buildings, in their homes, in the streets, and yes, even in our places of worship. He spoke of the need for safety measures such as bulletproof room partitions (see more here) and also called on all Americans to work collectively to protect our children and improve public safety for all Americans.

As the President Obama said, even when we enact new gun laws and needed gun regulations, we won’t stop every senseless act of violence. More importantly, those congressmen/women that do absolutely nothing to help President Obama and his Administration address our murderous national epidemic and/or actively fight against reasonable gun legislation on the behalf of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and gun manufacturers, will be called out. We will not allow our representatives in Congress to sit on their hands and wait on the NRA to give them their marching orders with a canned speech in tow. Note 1: The NRA is designated as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization that is using the people’s tax monies to create scandalous videos supporting no gun control regulations. Note 2: During the 2018 USA elections, the NRA Spent $30 Million to Elect Trump. U.S. Investigators have supporting evidence that all or most of the $30 million that the NRA spent on Trump was linked Russian!

FACTS: Polls show that 97 percent of Americans support background checks for all gun buyers. on firearms buyers at gun shows; sixty-nine percent of NRA members expressed support for comprehensive background checks. 84 percent of Democrats favor a firearms ownership database while only 45 percent of Republicans do.

Many American politicians, especially  have allowed the National Rifle Association (NRA), and gun manufacturers to hold the entire nation hostage to a sick unwarranted gun culture. These two entities have more power in our “Nation Capitol” than the 435 members in the House of Representatives and 100 members in the Senate combined. This is completely outrages; therefore, we must demand that members of Congress pass comprehensive legislation to ban assault weapons, and high-capacity magazines.

If members of congress don’t support the American people in enacting reasonable gun laws that will enhance the overall safety of this nation, the people must mobilize a massive march on Congress and vote them out. If you can’t afford to physically join the march on Congress you can certainly electronically march on congress. These congressmen/women that we sent to Washington must know that we will not tolerate their small-mindedness, lack of courage, and refusal to act in the best interest of the American people. We must let them know that we will not wait for another brazen act of violence against innocent men, women, and/or children. We will not wait until they can line their campaign war chest with even larger amounts of blood money from Gun Interest.

If Congressman/women, don’t act responsibly now to enact solutions to our tremendously horrific gun problem, we will name names and call them out. Congress will have to either do its job or quit and get out of our way. We will not continue to pay them their considerable salaries with generous benefits for them to continue to play Deft Dumb and Blind to our nation’s most pressing problems. People get ready in the summer of 2019 to hold a massive march on Congress to let them know that they are elected to do the people’s business. We need to know if they are in Congress strictly for the money or are they there to serve the people who elected them to their offices.

Creeping in the Shadows

Have you ever wondered just who the professional strategists, paid agitators, advisors, lobbyist, and policy analysts who work behind the scene to guide the design and development of Domestic and Foreign policy issues? These policy advisors generally have keen knowledge of the political process, excellent communication skills, and political contacts gained from previous experience.

Background Information: Domestic policy issues include gun control, voting, employment, education, health care, welfare, environmental protection, economic intervention, taxes, and our infrastructure. Foreign policy issues include maintaining a balance of power among nations, promoting world peace, national security, international trade, etc.

Let us be clear, the goals of the professional strategist, analysts, lobbyists, and paid agitators are to advise and assist their employer(s) in designing policies that are, not necessarily, in the best interest or for the good of the majority of people. They design policies that are in the best interest of the employers be it the NRA, Gun Manufactures, Banking, Big Pham, Social Media, Entertainment Industry, and the Financial sector, etc.

Policies designed and promoted by the “Behind the Scene” individuals that are also, Creeping in the Shadows, generally their decisions have severe consequences on the lives of everyday Americans. Politicians are in the spotlight delivering speeches; however, the content of the speeches are based on secretly devised policies and mission statements that are drawn up by people ‘who work over their shoulders’.

The professional strategist, paid agitators, advisors, lobbyist, and policy analysts work with politicians and like-minded media mouthpieces to create policies with propaganda, and false narratives, to, deliberately, mislead the Americans and other people. They use the media to sway opinions about everything from Gun control, nominees for federal judgeships to nominees for president’s cabinet. Again, they hide in the shadows working hard to impact policies that impact every aspect of our lives. Who are they?

Moreover, unscrupulous political action groups, individual elitist, and corporations hire professional strategist, paid agitators, advisors, lobbyist, and policy analysts, to spread half-truth, if not outright lies and administer smear campaigns that are designed to damage or destroy the reputation and/or good names of honest Americans who are ready, willing and able to serve this nation. They come up with patriotic and professional sounding names in an effort to confuse real patriotic American and fraudulently paint targeted disfavored candidate as ‘outside the mainstream on key issues they want the public to support.

To get their way, they often target what they consider vulnerable officials that are up for re-election and force them to do their dirty work. One of their most effective strategies is to use the media to create voter apathy among groups and individuals that do not support their position, and create passion and high emotions among voters that do support their positions. They move to confuse the issue of trust and attempt to drive people away from the polls. Hence, their goal is to have a major impact on the outcome of an election. The American people must remember that despair and abstention are self-defeatist prophecies.

Newly elected-officials must remember that these professional strategists, paid agitators, advisors, lobbyist, and policy analysts wait patiently for each new president and new congressmen/women to come to Washington. They then latch on to their coat-tails offering assistance and guidance. They have played the same games of ‘hiding their hands’, and ‘divide and conquer’ while using barely legal, borderline data to help those that support their causes and assassinate the character of a natural born leader that will not bow to their demands.

Americans must support ethical politicians and not be persuaded or dissuaded by false ads or manufactured propaganda used to marginalize honest, legitimate leaders. This kind of action most time lead to the damage of the overall health of America’s democratic process. Americans must demand the whole truth and speak out against dishonest ads. When any politician brings a new bill to the floor:

  1. we must follow the dollars supporting the bill,
  2. demand to know who participated in writing the bill (i.e. prolific bill making machines – The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC),
  3. the National Rifle Association (NRA and other unknowns),
  4. know who control the sponsor of the bill, and
  5. most of all make sure that all bills are designed in the BEST INTEREST of the majority of the American people.

These folks don’t realize that things have changed, and Americans are paying attention to their deceitful corrupt tactics. The 1% controlled legislation will soon be over.

Get To Know ALEC As Well As Those That Fund Them!

“The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was founded in 1973 by Henry Hyde, Lou Barnett, and Paul Weyrich, who helped build a nationwide right-wing political infrastructure following the reelection of Richard Nixon”.

Progressives must research the methods used by “The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to develop their widely distributed legislative documents which they provide to conservatives politicians. “ALEC is a nonprofit organization of conservative state legislators and private “sector representatives” who draft and share model state-and (federal) level legislation for distribution among state governments in the United States”.

The American Legislative Exchange Council is a nonprofit organization funded in part by conservatives politicians and corporate leaders. Companies include:

CenterPoint 360 (a firm that helps companies “manage legislation”), Altria (formerly Phillip Morris tobacco), the American Bail Coalition (the trade group for for-profit bail bonds), AT&T, Bayer (aspirin), Coca-Cola, Diageo (Crown Royal and other liquor), Energy Future Holdings (Texas electricity), ExxonMobil, GlaxoSmithKline (Tums and other brands), Intuit (Quickbooks), Johnson & Johnson (lotion), Koch Industries (Georgia Pacific paper products and other brands), Kraft Food (Macaroni and Cheese dinners), Peabody Energy (the largest private coal company in the world), Pfizer (Viagra), PhRMA (the pharmaceutical trade group), Reed Elsevier (Lexis/Nexis legal research), Reynolds American (tobacco), Salt River Project (energy), State Farm Insurance, United Parcel Service, and Wal-Mart (world’s largest retailer).

Once again, ALEC consist of conservative state and federal legislators and private sector representatives who draft and share model state-level legislation for distribution among state and (federal) governments in the United States. ALEC provides a forum for state legislators and private sector members to collaborate on model bills—draft legislation that members may customize and introduce for debate in their state legislatures. ALEC has produced model bills on a

Before the next election, it is imperative that Democrats develop their own version of the “American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)”. They must seek out progressive Legislative Thought Leaders (LTLs) to help them put their ideas and concepts into Legislative formats to share, replicate and submit. It will take an ALEC type legislative village to complete with the kind of professionally developed legislative documents that they share with conservative politicians. ALEC’s sharing of conservative legislation with conservative politician’s is BIG BUSINESS… cate

The Psychology of Confusion

Who’s right who’s wrong? Too many Leaders today seem to be in a permanent state of trigger-happy confusion. Emotional intelligence has taken a back seat to bomb first and ask questions later mentality. Bombs are falling and/or exploding, on a daily basis, in several Islamic countries and on countries of color. When bombs fall, unsuspecting victims’ lives are immediately turned upside down and a tragic condition of confusion set in while we watch the results in living color on our big screen TVs.

Both people and animals run for cover hoping that the direction they chose will not be the target of their death. This is the 21st century; however, mankind still has not learned to respect the life of another man, woman or child. Major power without couscous of action brings about psychological and physical damages that cannot be repaired or replaced.

One can only imagine the confusion of the locals when bombs are falling on their dreams while the earth beneath their feet is constantly disturbed by sorties of stealth bomber from a foreign land by a foreign power that they didn’t invites into their homes or their lands. Western government’s Blind Ambitions confuses the emotions and leave no room for enlightenment. Continue reading The Psychology of Confusion